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Cook Up a Stress Free Easter Feast with HoneyBaked Ham #HoneyBakedEaster

One of my family's traditions for Easter, is gathering around the table, to share a yummy Easter meal. For us, Easter Sunday is a very busy day, as my entire family is involved with worship and music happening at our church on Sunday morning. When we come home from church, we're tired, and hungry, and don't want to have to give up a traditional Easter dinner, just because we don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

This year, I invited my parents over to my house for dinner, determined to put a delicious, traditional Easter meal on the table for everyone to enjoy. I have fond memories of my mother preparing Easter dinner for our family, and I wanted to show her that her hostessing for us all of those years rubbed off on me. For years, I watched my mom move so effortlessly from kitchen to table- it always seemed like a magic act that she was able to lay a pretty table, and then make a wonderful meal appear before us.

If my mom and grandmother taught me anything about hostessing, it's to keep things simple, and to always have plenty of food. So, my tip for hosting the family for a holiday meal (or anytime), is to keep things simple- from the table decor to the actual meal.

I kept our table decor to a minimum.

For our Easter table decor, I placed a quilted table runner that my mom made down in the middle of the table. I added two blown glass candle holders, and a vase of fresh flowers. I opted not to go for Easter lilies (though they are so beautiful), because they seem to stir up allergies in our family. Around the base of the candles, I added colorful jellybeans, for an extra Easter touch!

Our Easter feast, courtesy of HoneyBaked Ham.

To keep things simple, yet traditional for our Easter feast, we enjoyed delicious foods from HoneyBaked Ham. I was able to visit my local HoneyBaked Ham store in Salisbury, and found everything I needed to put a beautiful traditional (home cooked) Easter meal on the table for my family. I love our local HoneyBaked Ham store- the customer service is out of this world! We were aided in selecting our ham, turkey, and side dishes for our family meal, and enjoyed conversing with the friendly staff, which I have to say, made the thought of putting the finishing touches on our family meal seem much less stressful.

For just around $75.00, we were able to purchase a delicious glazed mini ham, turkey breast by the slice, and yummy side dishes- au gratin potatoes, and green bean casserole. Selections vary by HoneyBaked Ham location, but our local store/cafe had a fabulous selection on hand, and everything I laid eyes on looked incredibly delicious!

We were excited to be able to purchase just enough turkey, pre-sliced for our family members who love turkey!

My dad is a big turkey breast lover, but my husband, not so much. I loved that I was able to purchase the amount of turkey needed to make everyone happy. PS- HoneyBaked Ham's turkey breast in incredibly moist and yummy! It was glazed and made everyone's tummies super happy!

The green bean casserole was incredibly delicious, with hearty mushrooms, red peppers, and crunchy onions! This was a family favorite!

The au gratin potatoes were a huge hit- so soft, and creamy 
(there were none left at the end of the meal!).

We included dinner rolls, as well- which were delicious!

Every good family meal needs to have dinner rolls! Of course, my family does the Italian thing where we use the rolls to sop up whatever's left on the plate after everything else has been eaten. My husband thinks we're nuts, but for us, it's just part of the family meal tradition!

The star of our Easter feast, the delicious glazed boneless ham!

My family has been enjoying ham from HoneyBaked Ham for many occasions, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other family meals. We go to HoneyBaked for our ham needs, because their hams are out of this world delicious! We have loved every HoneyBaked Ham we've ever had, and this was our first experience with a boneless ham, which was just wonderful! My whole family raved about how juicy and sweet the ham was, and the crunchy topping made it even sweeter. For me, the prep couldn't have been easier. I simply warmed it in the oven at a low temperature, and placed the slices on a serving platter!

My handsome hubby, patiently waiting for the lady of the house to call everyone to the dinner table.

To prepare this feast, all I had to do was warm the turkey and ham, and bake the side dishes. The sides were previously frozen, so I left them in the fridge overnight to thaw, and then they took less time to bake the next day. The side dishes were baked right within the trays they came packaged in, and then I transferred them to serving dishes before placing them on the dining table. I was able to bake and warm the food for our meal within an hour, and while everything was in the oven, I set the table and prepared drinks, etc. My family was able to sit right down to a hot meal after church services were over, and didn't have to hear me say, 'Just fifteen minutes more,' even once!

A beautiful meal for my beautiful family, and it couldn't have been easier to put together.

This is what it's all about! Celebrating life and love with these beautiful people.

I don't want to be the type of hostess who is so busy scurrying around that they never get to sit down and enjoy the meal, company, conversation and get in on the memory-making! Keeping our Easter feast simple with a little help from HoneyBaked Ham made for a delicious meal, and a truly enjoyable time, which we all got to spend together! As for the leftovers, there weren't many, but we did have quite a few slices of ham left- which made for awesome ham sandwiches, and has been extremely yummy diced up and tossed into scrambled eggs! I love to pick at cold ham, right from the fridge, too- and HoneyBaked Ham is my all time favorite ham in the world! I love that we were able to have additional meals with the leftover sliced ham!

Easter comes early this year, so start making your plans now!

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May your Easter be beautiful, and stress-free, filled with the love of family and friends!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of HoneyBaked Ham, written by me. Product and compensation were received for facilitating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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