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Winter Driving Tips

Winter weather can be totally unpredictable, but if you live in an area that normally sees good snowfall amounts during the winter, or if you live in an 'iffy' area, it's best to take the right precautions, and to be prepared should road conditions turn hazardous.

The best thing you can do to prepare for driving during the winter season, is to take your car to the doctor for a check-up before winter rolls around. Just like we need check-ups every now and then, so do our vehicles. We need to know if there are any issues before temperatures plummet and snow starts to fall. Have your vehicle checked out before winter sets in, and take care of any maintenance issues that may be at hand.

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Pat attention to the weather forecasts. Far too many motorists hit the road without looking to see what they may be getting ready to drive into, or what they may experience later in the day. Smart drivers always think ahead, and prepare.

Make sure your windshield wipers work properly. If the rubber blades on your wipers are frayed or coming apart, it's time to ditch them, and get a new set. You can easily change them out yourself, or have someone at an auto shop help you after you make your purchase. Making sure they are installed properly and in full working order are key! If your windshield seems to be smeary when it encounters rain or snow, make the switch! You'll want obscured visibility if you are faced with tough winter driving conditions. You'll also want to keep the washer fluid compartment full to be sure you always have it at your disposal when needed.

Make sure your window defrosters work properly. Having to try to wipe condensation from the inside of your windshield while driving is a hazard. If you have to do it, be sure to pull over, but this can be avoided by checking your defrosters, and taking the necessary steps toward repairs if they are not working properly.

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Keep the gas tank full, or close to it. You never know what kinds of conditions you may encounter while driving during the winter. A little sleet or snow shower can cause accidents, and on busy roads, turn a fifteen minute commute into a four hour event. Make sure you have enough gas to get you to and fro, and plenty to spare, just in case.

Consider your tires. If you have all season tires, it is probably best not to venture out when roads are snowy or icy. All season tires are not meant to handle hazardous road conditions like winter tires, which can get better traction in the snow, and have an easier time gripping the road. 

Keep a winter emergency kit in your car. Make sure you have bottled water, a flashlight, first aid kit, a warm blanket, and non-perishable food on hand, in case you get stuck.

The best thing to do during winter weather in bad conditions, is to stay off the roads until they can be cleared and are safe for driving on. If you do have to travel the roads in bad winter weather, use your best judgment, and be prepared.

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