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Tasty Treats from Venice: Try The World Subscription Box #Review

Having traveled to 6 different countries and many different states, I consider myself somewhat of an experienced traveler. That being said, I have tried many different kinds of cultural foods. Some I liked,  nothing beats fresh fish and chips from a local chippy in England!! Some I disliked, churros in Spain weren't my jam, no cinnamon and sugar! All in all, I miss a lot of the cultural foods that I got over seas and search high and low in the foreign food section at Meijer because they have the best selection. I'm never truly satisfied with my finds though, they still feel like they have an American taste to them. 

If you are anything like me, and enjoy foods from all over, I have an amazing subscription box to tell you about that blows the foreign food section of Meijer out of the water!! 

Try The World is a super cool subscription box that can make you feel like a world traveler from the comfort of your own house! Why spend thousands on a trip to dine in Paris when you can have Paris delivered to your door? 

Try The World works like this, local chefs from all over the world pick out local and authentic products and they are shipped right to your door. I was lucky enough to receive the Venice box from Try The World. I was extra excited about it because Italy is one of the places Id love to go someday but haven't had the opportunity to visit yet. Josh was super excited about the box too because he loves any blog opportunity I get that contains food.  

Here is everything our Venice box contained (you're not going to believe how much was in there!): 

 Perfect Pasta!
Pastificio Dei Campi Gragnano. A box from Italy wouldn't be complete without a box of pasta. This pasta is handmade just outside of Naples and has an amazing pasta flavor! This doesn't taste like any old dry pasta you can buy at the store. It has bite and real flavor. 
Boiling my awesome authentic Italian pasta.

I finished my pasta in a rich tomato and mushroom sauce, my favorite! Yum!!

Tasty Treats!
Melata di bosco, Honeydew honey. This doesn't taste like regular honey but its awesome! I can't wait to top some oatmeal or biscuits with this delicious sweet dark honey.

This lovely box contains Leone Pastiglie, pastille candy. This company has been making candy since 1857.
When you strip off the gold wrapping inside you will find this cute little pale green box full of little tiny lemon candies. Josh and I both enjoyed these subtly flavored candies. They taste a lot like a sweet tart or a smartie.

Perugina Limoncello Chocolate. Famous for making hazlenut chocolates wrapped in love notes, this company has been around since 1907. I liked this dark chocolate bar but Josh wasn't a fan. It was tart and bitter but still luscious and yummy.
This is the Venchi Torronici nougat with hazelnuts. This little white chocolate and hazelnut bite was delicious and super crunchy. Josh and I both enjoyed its subtle flavor. 
 Sophisticated Sauce!
Urbani Red Pesto and Truffle sauce smells amazing! I love green pesto and mushrooms (a truffle is a type of mushroom) so I was really excited to try red pesto and truffles.  Sadly, I wasn't a fan of this sauce. It smelled amazing but I just didn't dig its taste.

Cafe Fresh Coffee!
I haven't had an opportunity to try the Mogi Caffe yet because Im not a huge coffee drinker. Ondria has tried it though when she received the Try The World Rome box, and she absolutely loves it. 

Try The World offers foods from Italy, France, Brazil and more. You can even buy specific food items right from their online shop.  Each box contains 7-10 items from wherever the box is highlighting, a card describing each item, and a cultural guide with recipes and more. 

Want it? Buy it!

You can pick from three different shipping options, all which are reasonably priced and come with free shipping, any time cancellation, and free returns. 

Special Thanks to Try The World for sponsoring this awesome review. I loved my box and it made me feel like I was lost in heart of Italy!

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