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Sweeten Their Valentine's Day with Sweets from See's Candies #Review

The countdown is on! We're mere days away from the festive celebration of the day of love, known as Valentine's Day! I plan on spending the day hanging with my two of my favorite guys, and there will probably be a few surprises involved, too! One of the most purchased gifts for Valentine's Day is candy, and we try not to go overboard when it comes to candy, but a few sweet treats every now and then is okay in my book- especially when the candy is among the most delicious candy in the world!

That's right, I'm talkin' about See's Candies. If you've never experienced the deliciousness of a sweet treat from See's, you're missing out. We've had the pleasure of featuring See's Candies a few times on Mommy's Block Party, and all of the ladies here at MBP are huge fans of See's! 

If you don't know much about See's Candies, you'll definitely want to head to their website, to learn more about the history of See's! See's Candies has been dedicated to making candy Mary See's way for over 90 years! Whoa, baby- that's a long time in the candy-making business! Since See's uses the finest ingredients available in their candies, you're getting a delicious bite of quality chocolate, etc- each and every time you reach for a candy from See's! Over the years, See's has expanded to offering over 100 varieties of chocolates and candies, in over 200 candy shops! Every See's Candies visitor gets a free candy sample- and is able to taste the difference in their American-made, quality candy from the very first bite!

Our friends at See's sent us a special package of Valentine's Day candies, and we couldn't wait to check them out!

'Oh, boy! Is all of this candy for me!?'

B is just like his momma, and has a major sweet tooth. It's not surprise to me that he loves See's Candies as much as I do. B pretty much loves all types of candies, so I was sure he'd be thrilled with the special Valentine's Day Candy selections we received from See's. I was able to choose a couple of items from the See's Valentine's Day collection, and trust me, it was a hard decision. Everything I have ever tasted from See's has been so incredibly delicious, so I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed, regardless of which candies I chose.

Here's what we received: The See's Candies Sour Hearts and Hugs & Kisses Heart Box.

I wanted to show a variety of candies from See's. Of course, they make some of the most delicious chocolates I have ever tasted, but they also have a lot of yummy specialty candies, like the Sour Hearts. B is a big fan of specialty candies, especially gummy candy (ahem, like his mom- I love gummies!). B especially loves sour gummies, so when I saw the Sour Hearts from See's, I knew they'd be the perfect choice for my little man.

The Sour Hearts came packaged in a cute little bag, and a pretty and festive red ribbon on top.

The Sour Hearts came in an 8 oz bag, and were a mix of pink and white gummy candies with a sweet and sugary coating.

I thought the heart shaped candies were adorable! They were fairly large, yet bite sized. I;m not a huge fan of sour candy, but because these were See's, I knew they'd be yummy, so I put on my pucker face, and agreed to give these a try.

Psst- aren't these the cutest candies you've ever seen?

I gave one of the pink hearts a taste, and though they had that slightly sour tang to them, they honestly weren't super sour at all. The sweetness definitely outweighed the sour (thank you for that, See's), and to me, the hearts almost tasted like pink lemonade, which everyone in my family loves! I assured B that they were sour, but not too sour, and he was ready to give them a try.

B took his time selecting the color of the heart he wanted to try. He wound up putting the pink one back, and trading it for a white one. Apparently, he's too manly for pink candy. More for mommy!

B totally loved the Sour Hearts from See's Candies! He said they were super delicious, sweet, and sour, just the ways he likes his gummies! My hubby, who is not a fan of gummy candies, said he actually really liked these. He liked their consistency, and the balance of the sweet and sour in them. These sour hearts are a winner in our book!

Sour Hearts
Details of the Sour Hearts from See's Candies

Time to pucker up. So sour, yet so sweet, these tart and tangy jelly hearts are bursting with cherry, lemon and berry flavor. 

Next up- The Hugs & Kisses Heart Box from See's.

What's Valentine's Day without a box of chocolates? I am a chocolate-loving momma.  Don't tell the rest of my family, but I keep a secret stash of chocolates hidden in our pantry. Yeah- that's how much of a choco-holic I am, and I'm not ashamed of it. The Hugs & Kisses Heart Box is a beautiful pink heart, filled with a variety of delicious chocolates and candies.

See for yourself what a delightful assortment this is!

The Hugs and Kisses Hear offers approximately 21 pieces of chocolates and candies. We weren't sure what was what in this box as we began to pick out pieces to taste, but that hardly mattered to us... we knew they'd all be yummy! B went straight for what he assumed was a marshmallow, covered in chocolate, and I first chose what I believed to be toffee.

B had so much fun selecting a piece of candy to try out.

We were both delighted by the pieces we tried. B loved the creamy Scotchmallow piece he chose, and the toffee was right on the money- one of my favorites! There were lots of other yummy pieces of candy, too- I got a delicious truffle (so glad that I got that one before someone else in my family did!), which was so creamy and smooth! Truffles are my all time favorite chocolates, and See's blew me away! We shared some of the chocolates with my parents, who loved the pieces that they tasted, as well. My mom chose a chocolate covered nut cluster, and my dad took the other toffee piece, which he absolutely loved. My dad's comment was, 'These are from See's? Oh yeah- they make good stuff!' B quickly became a fan of the foil wrapped milk chocolate hearts. We only have a couple of those left!

Sweet treats from See's for this sweet mother/son duo.

This box of chocolates is a great choice if you're looking for a sweet Valentine's Day gift for someone special. I think it would be super cute to surprise your family this heart box, and a special card, just to let them know how very loved they are. This box has a little something for everyone!

Hugs & Kisses Heart (10.6 oz.)
Details of the Hugs & Kisses Heart from See's Candies

(10.6 oz.)

Filled with chocolate treasures. Featuring two beloved pieces not included in any other gift — our P-Nut Crunch™ and Peanut Butter Pattie...plus an irresistible mix of Milk Chocolate Hearts, Scotchmallow®, Mocha and more, presented in a sweet new gift box design. Approximately 21 pieces. 
* Currently Sold Out on the See's website, but other Heart Box varieties are available.

See's Candies has so many great gift options for Valentine's Day!

Classic Red Heart with Dark Chocolates (1 lb.)
Classic Red Heart with Dark Chocolates

Love Birds Box (7.5 oz.)
Love Birds Box

Milk Chocolate Bordeaux(tm) Heart
Milk Chocolate Bordeaux Heart

Sugar Free Valentine Trio
Sugar Free Trio

Hot Hearts
Hot Hearts

Marshmallow Heart - 6 pack
Marshmallow Hearts

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to See's Candies online, or head to the nearest See's Candies store to purchase your sweet treats for Valentine's Day! Check here for a list of store locations. It's not too late to get your See's for Valentine's Day, but don't delay! Shop See's mixes, or create your own custom mix! Shop See's online by category or occasion! Connect with See's through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Special thanks to our friends at See's Candies for allowing us to enjoy and share about these delicious Valentine's Day candies!

Stay sweet!

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  1. I love See's peppermint patties. Honestly, I think they are better than York Peppermint Patties!


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