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Sweet Treats with Someone Special: Tastykake {Review}

I love snacking, especially on chocolate. Valentine's Day is a huge chocolate holiday, so I enjoyed myself, maybe too much. One treat I reached for, was something new in our house. We were given the chance to try them out and see what we thought. I have seen this brand in the store, but never tried them, I won't be passing them up next time!
Founded in 1914, Tastykake, was a Philadelphia business, centered around individually wrapped snack cakes that were baked and delivered fresh, daily. Over the years, these sweet treats have been loved and celebrated for their freshness and quality. In 2011, they merged with one of the largest baking companies in the US, Flower Foods, allowing Tastykake to be in retail stores all across the country. They offer a complete line of snack cakes, pies, cookies, and donuts.
This Valentine's Day, Tastykake introduced two limited edition snack products. These treats are just perfect for sharing with that someone special.
Sweetie Kakes
 a creme-filled chocolate cupcake with festive red icing and heart-shaped sprinkles
Tender Loving Cakes
a delicious coconut cake with a dark chocolate flavored coating
We were given the chance to try both of them and share our thoughts with our readers.
Our Tastykakes package arrived!
The box was huge and S could not wait to get it open and see what goodies awaited.
Almost there
Inside we found a quick letter from Emily, who set up our Tastykake review
It also had the links to follow Tastykake on Facebook and Twitter.
We were sent two boxes of Sweetie Kakes and two boxes of Tender Loving Cakes--YUM!
Our first find were the Sweetie Kakes
Packed two in a package, there are 6 packs in the box. They are cream filled chocolate cakes with icing and heart sprinkles, how could these not be delicious. My kids have gobbled these up, with some sharing with mom and dad. I was surprised at how fresh and good these were, I was a quick fan. While they are not healthy for me, the box was emptied fairly quickly. It is probably a good thing they are limited edition.
 Our second find were the Tender Loving Cakes
Packed two in a package, there are 6 packs in a box. They are coconut cakes with a dark chocolate coating. These were amazing, I am a chocolate with coconut fan, so I was a huge fan of these cakes. My husband and kids thought they were just okay, but aren't lovers of coconut. I will be slowly eating these packs so I can save them for as long as possible.

 Want It? Buy It!
Tastykakes can be purchased in your local supermarket or retail store, click here to find out where. You can follow Tastykakes on Facebook and Twitter too.
 So many thanks to Tastykakes for our treats to share with our special someone this Valentine's Day!

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