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Show the Love this Valentine's Day with Unique Gifts from Kelli's

With Valentine's Day just days away, I have been sneaking in little lovable treats to the loves of my life. My guys are pretty darn special to me, and there's nothing I love more than surprising them with special goodies. As a parent, I have found that I am liking Valentine's Day more and more. I never used to be into it very much, but there's something about all of the cute gifts and treats available, and my sweet little guy. I love seeing the look on his face when he receives a sweet surprise!

Kelli's Gifts | Where Our Warehouse Is Your Warehouse

This Valentine's Day, Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers has a myriad of unique gifts and treats for Valentine's Day! Kelli’s was started in 2000 when their founders sold their hospital gift shops and started a wholesale company dedicated to serving the special needs of hospital gift shops & other specialty gift shops. For 20 years, their shops taught them firsthand what was truly needed from a vendor. And because they were frustrated when they went out in the marketplace to try and find ONE reliable source for a variety of quality products at fair prices with fast delivery and exemplary customer service, they decided that the only solution to the problem of finding this dream supplier was to become that supplier. Thus, Kelli’s was born! Kelli's offers more than 4,000 items representing more than 700 vendors in more than 10 categories. 

I was excited for the opportunity to connect with Kelli's, and to be offered the opportunity to select a cute gift for Valentine's Day to share with my own love bugs. I had a lot of fun browsing Kelli's Collection of gifts, and couldn't wait for our special Valentine's Day treat to arrive!

Our Valentine's Day gift from Kelli's was sent to us within just a few days of making our selection.

I was impressed by the way Kelli's packaged their products. Our Valentine's Day gift was extremely well protected by bubble wrap, which was held to the product with tape, to ensure its safe arrival. I also received a note from the Kelli's team, which was a very nice touch.

B is always my number one helper, when it comes to opening up packages. He couldn't wait to see what was underneath all of this bubble wrap!

Once he unearthed the special Valentine's Day surprise gift from our friends at Kelli's, he found...

An adorable plush puppy with a Valentine's Day balloon, and a special treat underneath!

If you can't tell from B's photo above, he was incredibly excited to receive this gift from Kelli's! He absolutely loves balloons, puppies, and chocolate, so this was pretty much a home run gift for him! The puppy is similar to one of the characters on one of his favorite animated shows, so he was excited to have her join his puppy pal crew. He immediately asked if we could give her some water and some puppy treats. Adorable!

Here's our cute gift, displayed on our dining table, along with the nice note I received from the Kelli's staff.

The plush puppy is so cute (look at its big eyes and cute nose!), but the balloon made this treat all the more special.

B really loves balloons, and this was a great size for him. I still remember receiving balloons as a child, and how happy they made me feel. Balloons are perfect for just about every imaginable occasion! This balloon design was quite appropriate for Valentine's Day, with its red, pink and white vibe going on, without being overly girly.

Perhaps the best part of this special treat... the candy!

Our special gift from Kelli's came with a clear plastic container, which was filled with silver, red, and pink wrapped Hershey's Kisses. 

B loves chocolate, so this was a great choice! He kindly told me that I could have the red and pink kisses, since those were the girl colors. B enjoyed a piece of chocolate, and then went off to play with his new puppy friend. He pretended that his puppy pals were sick and needed check-ups, and then gave them the balloon to make them feel better.

-Available in increments of 8
-Exclusively at Kelli's

This gift is a great choice for Valentine's Day, for children, your significant other, or anyone you'd like to show your appreciation for! Kelli's has a wonderful assortment of gifts for babies and kids, health, home decor, plants, candles, flowers, and more! 

Want it? Get it!

Make Kelli's your one stop shop for all of your special gifting needs! Head on over to Kelli's to browse hundreds of gift ideas for Valentine's Day and beyond! You can connect with Kelli's on Facebook, and check out the Kelli's blog for more gift inspiration!

Special thanks to Kelli's for allowing us to review and share about their wonderful collection of gifts!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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