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Roll to the Rescue with Transformers Rescue Bots Jurrasic Adventure #Review + #Giveaway

Get Ready For An Up-RAAWWR-iously Good Time!
            TRANSFORMERS Rescue Bots Jurassic Adventure

The small, happy town of Griffin Rock has a mystery on its hands. Make that five mysteries! And it’s up to Chase, Heatwave, Blades, Boulder and the Burns family to solve them. Do they have the sleuthing skills for the job?  Join the suspense and the fun as Cody and the TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS confront ghosts, search for the legendary Maine Ridge Monster, chase gremlins and more! 

This dino-themed collection of Transformers: Rescue Bots will be released on DVD on February 10, 2015 from Shout! Factory Kids, in conjunction with Hasbro Studios. Featuring five exciting episodes that the whole family can enjoy, this DVD is priced to own with a suggested retail price of $14.93.

Executive produced by Jeff Kline (TRANSFORMERS PRIME), TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS features the vocal talents of LeVar Burton (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Lacey Chabert (Party of Five), Steve Blum (TRANSFORMERS PRIME), Maurice LaMarche (Emmy® Award winner for Futurama) and the legendary Peter Cullen who voices OPTIMUS PRIME when he makes cameo appearances in the series.

Episodes Include:
Family Of Heroes
Return Of The Dinobot
What Lies Below
What Rises Above
In Search Of The Griffin’s Nest
Movers And Shakers

Our Thoughts...

The boys in my house (meaning hubby and B) love all things Transformers! B has just sort of discovered the original Transformers animated series that hubby and I watched as kids in the 80's, and thinks it's way cool! Transformers Rescue Bots is geared toward young children, ages 3+. B has been a fan of Rescue Bots for the past year or so, and really loves the characters. I sort of call it the next generation of Transformers, because it is!

B couldn't wait to see which episodes would be on this awesome compilation Rescue Bots DVD!

Excitement! Rescue Bots and Dinosaurs- a winning combination for any little man!

Rescue Bots takes place in Griffin Rock, a town that is so tech-advanced, it'll blow you away! Here, the Rescue Bots, Blades, Chase, Boulder and Heatwave pose as intelligent rescue vehicles, working with the humans to protect the earth. Their friend Cody is the son of Police Chief Burns, who employs his sons Grant, Cade, and daughter Danni as rescue/emergency responders.

In this series of dino-themed Rescue Bots adventures, the Bots and humans must work together to keep the town safe from various tech experiments that take on lives of their own. One of B's favorite episodes is when the famous town dino, Trex, comes to life and wreaks havoc on the town of Griffin Rock! Each of the Burns family members has their own idea as to how to save the town they love, as do some of the Bots (especially Heatwave, who can be *appropriately* hot-headed at times.  The goal, however, is for all of them to work together, to keep the townspeople and each other safe. We always enjoy seeing the humans and Bots put their egos aside, and work together toward a common goal.

Here's B, playing with his favorite Rescue Bots toys while watching his new Transformers Rescue Bots DVD!

Transformers Rescue Bots is a creative show. B and I have learned a lot about science and technology through this show! As a parent, I love that one of the main messages to children is to learn to work together. Everyone has great ideas, and when they're all combined, and everyone works toward a goal, the results are usually pretty awesome! Rescue Bots combines humor with action and adventure, in a language appropriate for little ones. For the adults- it's an enjoyable show, and will definitely have you traveling down memory lane!

Want It? Get It!

Look for Transformers Rescue Bots Jurassic Adventure wherever home entertainment discs are sold, or head over to Shout Factory Kids to purchase online! You can also connect with Shout Factory Kids on Facebook and Twitter!

Want it? Win it!

One lucky MBP reader will win their own copy of Transformers Rescue Bots Jurassic Adventure on DVD! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older- please use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win. This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment.

Special thanks to our friends at Shout Factory Kids for allowing us to review and host a giveaway of one of our favorite shows!

Good luck!


  1. Chase is my favorite charachter from this series. Thanks for the giveaway. My nephew would love this. BWallace1980(at)hotmail(dot)com

  2. My sons favorite is boulder! We would be sooooo happy to win!! :) Thank you for the chance!~

  3. Extra Comment!
    I try to teach my kids about teamwork by getting my kids to share in the household chores. :D

  4. My sons favorite Transformer character is Bumblebee

  5. This DVD is new to me However my Grandchildren would know who their favorite is. My grandsons wouls absolutely love this DVD!

  6. I would teach them to be a team with their chores. Doing dishes
    one would wash and one would dry also team work in cleaning their room together.

  7. I found the best way to teach your children about team work is by teaching them to do their chores as a team. They realize how much faster they can get the job done as a team.

  8. Basically by having them do things together..When they are young they learn fast!!

  9. I taught my children teamwork just by having them do things together. Chores, Playtime and also Homework together..

  10. We have practiced different scenarious. this really works well


  11. I have to admit I don't know the the Transformers or Rescue Bots characters but I'll bet my nephews would!

  12. I taught my kids to do things together makes it easier and more fun. Even chores. Needless to say they did pretty much everything together!!

  13. Just by having both of them do things together. Work and Play . They quickly learn things done together WORKS BEST..

  14. When my 2m Daughters were young I just let them share chores and play and they soon learned that 2 is better then 1..

  15. They both did everthing together. There was only the two of them.. So they learned about team work naturally. To playing house to doing chores..


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