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Monday Motivation: Thinking of Spring

As I sit in my living room looking out the back door, the wind is blowing and the sky is grey, the threat of more Winter weather looms over head. While Oklahoma has has a pretty quiet Winter, most of the country I know has seen some form of the white stuff this year, especially the East Coast. I know it can be hard to see past the snow, but I keep thinking that in a few weeks it will be Spring. 

Diesel running around in the snow! 

The flowers will be blooming, the grass will be green and those beautiful birds will be taking up residence in my yard once again. The sounds of nature will be abundant and new life will be all around us. I can't wait for the bright colors of blooming flowers in my garden, the smell of my roses tickling my nose as I leave the windows open. 

A random sunflower that grew from birdseed

Being able to walk to the park up the street with my dogs and take in the fresh air. I love Spring and everything that comes with it, even the Morning Glory that will eventually overtake my fence and yard. But most of all, I love that in a week, Cory and I will be celebrating his Papa's 90th Birthday. A New year for him, a major milestone and for us it is the ushering in of Spring, whether or not Winter is still here. 

Cory's Papa and Nana, Dick and Marie

So while the world may seem dark and dreary, snowy and cold, because it is freezing here today. Know that in just a few short weeks, or maybe even a few short days for some parts of the Country, Spring will make its grand arrival, and the world will be a brighter place! Once the first of March arrives, I am bringing out all of my Spring and Easter decorations and I can't wait! 

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