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Monday Motivation- No Rest for Mom & Forecasted Snow Day

Warning- this post contains whining.

Hey, and happy Monday to you! First off, thanks a bunch for stopping by MBP today, to see what's new! We're still rolling right along, bringing our readers fab content, reviews, and giveaways- it's what we love to do! 

How was your Valentine's Day weekend? Mine was sort of 'eh.' Hubby, little man (B), and I all just got over being sick. It started off with B catching a cold, and he passed it to me, I shared it with hubby. That cold started (for me) two weeks ago, and I finally began feeling a bit better last week. Last Thursday, I noticed B looking puny, and by mid-afternoon, he had a fever. So, Thursday and Friday were a bit nerve-racking for us, as we're always on edge when B is really sick and has a fever, even low-grade. By Saturday, he seemed to be doing better, and was playing with toys, his fever pretty much gone, so we decided to go ahead with our plans for V-Day.

Western Piedmont Symphony Orchestra Program

Hubby is a substitute for the Western Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, here in NC. He plays the bass trombone, and aside from his home restoration biz, he's a musician, professionally. He has a masters degree in bass trombone performance, and his goal is to play with an orchestra, and teach college. There are very few spots for bass trombone players in orchestras, because they only usually need one bass trombone per orchestra (unlike the violin or viola). So, musical job opportunities for this instrument are few and far between. Hubby loves playing- it's his passion, and his gift. I rarely get to hear him play on these concerts, because they're out of town for us (about an hour from where we live), and they're always late.

This month, the orchestra's concert fell on Valentine's Day, and hubby asked his mom to watch B, so I could go to the concert. It meant that I had to sit alone, but I didn't care- I was proud to have my hubby on the stage with the orchestra, and glad to finally have the opportunity to hear him play with this group. The only thing was- my body started feeling achy on Saturday afternoon, and a sinus headache began to move in. I wasn't feeling great, but I wasn't about to miss the concert- so I went, and had a wonderful time. The orchestra did a great job!

We got in late on Saturday night, and had to be up early for church on Sunday morning (and by early, I mean I was up at 6, getting ready- as we have to be there by 8:30). I was coughing a lot, that headache was still pounding away, and I just felt grumpy and out of sorts- which is not good, as I am the song/worship leader. I let the way I was feeling get the best of me a couple of times, which I regret. I grabbed a chai tea with my mom after church. While I was gone, I got a photo text from my hubby, which proved that our son must have been feeling better...

...how could one not crack up laughing at this sight?

My silly boys! Apparently, they were enjoying watching the original Transformers cartoon (oh yeah- the one we watched back in the 80's, folks!), and goofing off! I was glad to see B feeling better- made me worry a whole lot less. Unfortunately, I felt much worse! I actually crawled back into bed around noon (which I never do- ever!), and laid around for a while. Eventually, hubby brought me a bowl of soup. I spent the rest of the day resting, and working from my laptop (thank goodness for laptops!), but didn't get to bed until late. And of course, little man woke up early today, and there's no school, so we'll have a long day ahead of us.

I saw this on Pinterest, and thought it was hilarious...

BUT... it's supposed to snow here. Yeah- in NC... today! I have been wishing for a snow day, as it hasn't snowed here all season! The snow is supposed to start around noon today, and we're also supposed to receive a lot of ice. I don't want the ice. It's never a good thing when they weather man starts talking about an 'ice event,' which means we may be trapped inside for days! Hubby said the grocery stores were completely mobbed and out of everything yesterday- go figure. In NC, if they predict a dusting of snow, the store shelves go bare and people go nuts.

So, who knows what it'll wind up doing? All I know is that I will be inside, in my pj's all day. Yes- all day, trying to get well, and entertain my child. Thankfully, we just received some new children's books for review- we're gonna be checking those out today, and probably watching a movie or two. If I can muster up some energy, we'll be baking some cookies for a ministry program we're involved with through our church, and I might just make some homemade French onion soup- because it sounds so good right now!

I hope you're able to stay well! It's no fun when anyone gets sick, and can be especially hard for moms to get better, because they feel like they can't get any rest. Take care of yourselves, mamas! Hopefully, I'll be back to my old self in no time!

Take care!

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