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Have a Delicious Day with Edible Weddings & More {Review}

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. My kiddos came home with bags full of candy and cards from their friends, so it was a super sugary weekend at our house. Candy is a fun, tasty treat that most people enjoy, I know we do.
I was super excited to see that a candy company, of a different variety, was wanting to work with MBP and have us feature them in our Valentine's Gift Guide. We had worked with them back in early 2013, so I was thrilled to get a chance to see what they were all about too!
Middle school sweethearts, Jamie and Allan, created a basic business concept while planning their own "DIY" wedding back in October 2012. Jamie wasn't in love with flowers and along with her mom, thought why not try a lollipop bouquet. Each bridesmaid had their own single lollipop bouquet and other wedding party had boutonnieres and corsages, even the table centerpieces were candy. How sweet! Based in Virginia, Jamie and Allan now own Edible Weddings & More and specialize in bouquets and more, just of the candy variety.
Edible Weddings & More specializes in helping you and everyone else, remember your big day. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, graduation, baby showers, holidays, and more, Edible Weddings & More can make unique décor that will make you stand out.
"Edible Weddings & More do not currently make their own lollipops, but buy in bulk from candy sites. They would love to find another small business that makes them to partner with, so if you know of anyone, please pass it along!"
Our Edible Weddings & More package is here!
Two candy lovers ready to see what was inside
The box is marked "Fragile" and "This Side Up" for shipping safely. If your package arrives broken, Edible Weddings & More asks that you please email within 24 hours and include photos of the damage, they will then create and send a new bouquet ASAP.
Not only do they mark the outside of the box with safety warnings, they bubble wrap the actual items for extra padding. My kids were loving all of the bubble wrap.
What is under all of this bubble wrap?
 We found our surprise, a Valentine's Lollipop Bouquet
What a sweet treat for Valentine's Day. It can be used as a cute decoration and also a yummy treat.
A red tin with white hearts anchored the bouquet, along with a big bright pink bow. Filling the base of the tin were small hard candies, perfect for a quick bite.
There was also a fun little Happy Valentine's Day sign
We found 3 large red and white swirled Lollipops
3 large white Lollipops
 and 6 mini pink and white swirled Lollipops with little heart stickers attached.
"Please note that Whirlypops are not Edible Weddings and More trademark, they belong to the Willy Wonka company. They also may have been produced in a factory that produces nut products."
My little candy girl had to try out the lollipops right away. She said they were really sweet and yummy. Her favorite was the small pink and white swirls.
 We loved our surprise! Edible Weddings & More will custom design candy décor in your theme or color choice, just ask. They can create some pretty amazing pieces of candy art that will have everyone talking.
Custom Bouquet Stands
Headbands and other Accessories
Aisle Decorations
Candy Cake
Party Favors
Candy Buffets
and of course Bouquets
Want It? Buy It!
Get shopping now on the Edible Wedding Etsy Shop or Edible Weddings & More site.
Edible Weddings & More will ship USPS for domestic orders and also uses UPS and FedEx for International orders. Make sure to follow Edible Weddings & More on all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Blog.
So many thanks to Edible Weddings & More for our cute decorations and treats all in one!

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