Five Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

Spring time is just around the corner. While you're making plans for your home spring cleaning and organizing, why not include a plan to do some spring cleaning for your vehicle? The winter months are incredibly harsh on vehicles- leaving road salt, dirt, and more on the exterior that can cause damage to the body of your car over time. Taking the right steps in the spring can lead to a better driving experience during the spring and summer months.

Wash your vehicle.

Start at the top of your vehicle, and work your way down. Using a microfiber wash pad will be gentle on the body of your vehicle, and also help to catch and grab dirt. Starting at the bottom of the vehicle and working your way up will only drag dirt back to places you don't want it. Rinse from top to bottom. Be sure to clean your lights, and reach as much of the exterior as possible. Before the weather becomes too warm, it's a good idea to take your car to an auto spa to have the underneath properly cleaned to rinse away any remaining road salt from the winter months.

Clean it out.

For many people, cleaning out the car can be quite a task, and no one wants to stand out in the cold winter air to do it. By spring time, the inside of the car may be a bit messy. It's a good idea to do a clean sweep through the car- remove trash and un-needed items. You may also want to reorganize items that you keep in the car, such as CD's, make sure you have a pen and notepad in the car, as well as your owner's manual, and any documents you might need, such as your registration, and insurance information. Keep a small trash holder in the car to collect small trash items, that can be disposed of at a later time. Don't forget to clean out the trunk, while you're at it.

Wash and clean windows and mirrors.

Thoroughly clean your car windows- inside and out. Make sure your rear view mirror is clean, as well as your side mirrors. You may also want to check the vanity mirrors in the visors. While you're cleaning your windshield, check your wiper blades to make sure they are in proper working order, and that there is no wear and tear on the wiper blades. If there is any noticeable shredding, your wiper blades will need to be replaced. Keeping your windshield clean, and your washer fluid regularly filled may help prolong the life of your wiper blades.

Vacuum and clean the carpet.

Using a mini vac, or a shop vac, fully vacuum out the inside of the car. Take care to reach underneath the seats, and in hard to reach areas where debris has a tendency to collect. It's also a good idea to wash your car mats, and give the carpet a good cleaning. Use a scrub brush to work stained areas, and be sure to let the freshly washed carpet dry properly. You might also want to wipe down the seat belts, and seat belt locks. They can become sticky over time, making them harder to manage when putting a seat belt on.

Clean the dashboard.

Keep a microfiber rag handy, so you can dust your dashboard quickly and easily. After dusting, use a safe wipe to wipe down the hard surfaces on the car's interior. Doing this will help keep dirt, dust and allergens out of your vehicle, and will make it a cleaner, healthier environment to drive in. You should also take the time to wipe down your car's vents, making sure they are free of dust.

Little extras- Keep a pack of baby wipes in your glove box. You can quickly grab them and use them to clean windows, wipe off your dashboard, or to clean your hands!

Don't forget- It's always a good idea to check your headlights, brake lights, make sure your horn is working properly, check your tire tread and pressure, and make sure your car's emergency kit is up to date.

Following these simple tips will have you enjoying the spring time sunshine out on the open road in no time!

This post brought to you by Elder Chrysler Dodge Jeep. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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