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Experience a World of Fun & Adventure with Junior Explorers: Part Two

Having worked in childcare before my own kiddos were born, I witnessed first hand the importance of having a variety of learning materials (toys, arts and crafts items, books etc) available to children. Because of that, I am somewhat fanatical when it comes to having a wide variety of supplies around to keep the girls busy and learning. I have a fondness for items that not only teach my girls something, but that let them have fun in the process. Over the last 7 years, we've accumulated quite the collection of learning materials (so much so that it takes up a good portion of our dining room), but we always love discovering potential additions for our collection.

Recently we got the chance to work with Junior Explorers, a fun and educational subscription that encourages kids to explore and discover wildlife and nature. The recommended age for this program is 6-11, which is perfect for Drew (7), but I found that Reese (2, almost 3) was pretty interested in participating in some of the learning fun too.

Our First Mission Kit Has Arrived- Time to Head to the Arctic!

Our Mission Kit For the Arctic! 

Part of Our Kit- A Letter to the Junior Explorer Explaining the Mission, a Mission Check List, a Paper Detailing What the Arctic is Like, and a Cool Activity Book!

The Kit Also Included Stickers, Tattoos, Postcards to Send to Your Buddies, Animal Flash Cards, a Bracelet, a Mission Arctic Pin, and mini figures of a Beluga Whale and a Polar Bear!

First, Drew read the letter from Kia and Kyle (our adventure friends). We found out that we were going to be looking for a lost Mama polar bear so that she could be reunited with her two polar bear cubs. 

Drew Reading the Letter From Kia and Kyle to Reese. "...a polar bear mother would never leave her cubs! There is definitely a mystery here." 

Drew was really excited to help solve this mystery, but because Reese was still awake, she decided (with some guidance from Mom) that it would be best to work on the offline aspects of the mission first. She wrote a nice message on the polar bear postcard for her cousin Ty and read through the Arctic fact sheet. When she was done, she decided it was time to get to work on the activity book. Her favorite part was trying to spot the difference between the two Arctic scenes. 

Drew Working on the Word Search Puzzle in the Activity Book 

A few days after receiving the Mission Kit, Drew was able to get to check off the last item on her Mission Check List, and get online. She checked into the Mission Center, entered the code we received, and met up with Kia and Kyle who "showed her around". Then, it was time to start the mission! 

Drew Finding Out That the Search Would Begin Where the Polar Bear Cubs Were Found

Drew enjoyed exploring the Arctic online, but was relieved that she didn't really have to go since it's pretty cold there.She also wasn't sure if she could handle 6 months of continuous day followed by 6 months of continuous night!  One of her favorite things about her Junior Explorers experience was learning about the animals that live in the Arctic. Her favorite was the Lemming, which she thought looked an awful lot like a Groundhog.  She also really enjoyed playing games and earning points which she is able to donate to real conservation projects! 
I loved our experience with the Junior Explorers Mission Arctic Kit. Drew learned some new things and she genuinely had a good time doing so. Reese was also able to join in on some of the fun, which I felt was a big relief. If you have more than one child, I know you get it! 

Every month, a new mission to learn about wildlife and nature with Junior Explorers!

Want to Join a Mission? Sign Up Here! 

Head on over to The Junior Explorers Website today and pick the subscription that is right for you and your kiddos. A one month subscription (one mission) is just $19, but if you opt for a longer subscription, you can save up to $43. Once you are subscribed, you will receive a mission kit each month you are subscribed to receive one. You can cancel anytime along the way. 

These Mission Kits are a great addition to your personal collection of learning materials and could make a great gift! . They are great for girls and boys alike. In fact Ondria and her son, B, also went on an Arctic Mission and she shared that experience here

Be sure to connect with Junior Explorers through FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Don't forget to check out the Junior Explorers Blog too! 

Thank you so much to our friends at Junior Explorers for this experience!  We had so much fun in the Arctic and cannot wait to see where the next mission takes us!  

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