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Experience the Story of Noah Like Never Before: VeggieTales NOAH DVD #Review + $10.00 GC #Giveaway

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One of the most memorable stories of the Bible for me as a child, was the story of Noah's ark, or Noah and the flood. I was always fascinated by the strength and trust Noah and his family possessed, trusting that God would be faithful to His promises. Now my son is learning all about these wonderful Bible stories in church, and our Weekday Church School program. He's remembering what he's heard about, and is asking a lot of questions.

I'm so happy to have VeggieTales as a resource. We enjoy re-telling these beloved Bible stories at home, and having the right tools to help teach my child is truly wonderful. We're longtime fans of VeggieTales, and we own many, many VeggieTales DVDs. VeggieTales always wows and entertains us, while putting a fresh spin on the stories that we love to pass down to the next generation.

VeggieTales is on the cusp of releasing their latest installment- Noah's Ark, which gives viewers a brand new look into the story of Noah, his family and the flood. The main theme of the lesson is in trusting God's plan for us. We were thrilled to receive a screener copy of Noah's Ark to review as a family. Like I said, we're big into these silly veggies, so we couldn't wait to check this episode out!

B was more than excited to get our disc into the DVD player and to watch it!

The disc art was bright and colorful, and gave us a little glimpse as to what we could expect to see once the show began!

Now, here's a bit of a spoiler- this is the first VeggieTales installment that shows the re-designed characters. Bob and Larry address their new look, right after the opening credits. At first, I wasn't sure I was going to like their new design, but after watching a few episodes of Veggies in the House, I'm over it, and getting used to it. You will, too. 

Here's B- tools in hand, and astronaut helmet on his head... ready to help build an ark and follow God's plan.

The story begins with Noah's son, Shem and his wife, returning from their honeymoon to find that Noah has built a huge ark in the middle of their family orange grove. Schem had plans- lots of plans to build a house, and a life with his new wife, but Noah had other plans... and that would be following God's plan. Noah was instructed by God to build the ark, and to take his family, and two of every animal onto the ark for safety during a 40 day/night period of rains, which would flood the earth. Everyone in the family seems to be on board with the plan, except Schem, who tries to defy the plan from the very start.

Once the rains begin, Shem realizes that maybe there is something to God's plan after all. That's not to say that Shem doesn't feel frustrated and disappointed that his own plans weren't panning out- after all, we all feel that way at some point in time. Noah and his family stick it out, staying on the ark, as directed by God, and trusting in Him. Eventually, the rains subside, as God said they would, and God sends a sign that it is safe for Noah and his family to leave the ark.

Take a sneak peek at the VeggieTales Noah's Ark Trailer...

B and I watched this VeggieTales episode together, and we really enjoyed it. I loved that B was captivated by the music (which is always wonderful), and loved interacting with his Veggie pals, Bob and Larry! The tale kept his interest, and sparked discussion between us. It isn't always easy for us to follow God's plans for us.

I thought the animation was beautiful, VeggieTales always does a great job with that, and the scenes during the flood were pretty amazing! This tale also features the voice talent of Wayne Brady and Jaci Valesquez- two voices I love! In the end, I loved speaking with my son about putting our trust in God, even when we don't understand what he might be asking of us- He is always faithful, and we can hold onto His promises.

VeggieTales Noah's Ark is a must-see, and if you're a VeggieTales fan, you will definitley want to add this gem to your collection! It's also a great resource for teachers!

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  1. We have seen many of the Veggie Tales videos, and the kids have not always liked all of them, but I am sure they will love this one.


  2. I liked the clip and my children did too. The story and music are great! Love it!

  3. I love the Orange slice Ark and the elephants was so cute--- these are the best movies I found for our little ones- I use them in our homeschool as part of the devotional we do daily.

  4. I love it! We ( meaning the kids and I both) enjoy veggie tale storys!! - We enjoy singing along ;)

  5. I love Veggie Tales and was pleasantly happy how beautiful the animation is on this clip!

  6. My kids loved watching the Veggie Tales especially the early ones.

  7. This really looks like a lot of fun



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