Custom Soda Labels- Valentines

Every year it gets harder and harder to find that perfect Valentine's gift for my hubs. Its not that he's picky, its just that he doesn't really need anything and he doesn't really want anything either. This year though, I've got a pretty cool gift idea for all of your Valentines. 

Get your Valentine, a set of personalized bottles of soda, pop, coke, or whatever you might call it.

Custom Soda Labels would love to provide you with the perfect Valentine's Day gift for everyone on your list. These awesome bottles are completely custom created just for you. You pick the flavor, you pick the label, you pick the picture/text, and they give you the love.

I chose to do bottles with our wedding theme on them in one of our favorite flavors. 
The shipping box had our super cute picture on it. 
 I decided to go with red cream soda because its one of our favorite flavors and it is also red, the color of love, perfect for Valentine's day! It was crisp, sweet, and refreshing. It was fun drinking out of glass bottles too because normally pop is in cans or plastic. 

Our adorable bottles.

We're so cute! Our bottles also have our wedding date on it, 

I chose Red Cream Soda as our flavor.

All You Need Is Love was the theme of our wedding. 

The Custom Soda Label I chose was not one of the actual Valentine's labels, but I got to chose the colors so I made it Valentine's themed. The real Valentine's labels are super cute though. 

I love the birds on this one. 

I really like the little potion heart on this label.

This reminds me of those little candy hearts. 

This one is really classy. 

This one is super cute and fun. 
Custom Soda Label  offers a large variety of pop flavors that can go with any label. I had a really hard time deciding what flavor to go with because they all sound so yummy! 

I was this close to going with Black Cherry! 

I've never had Sasparilla, but I've heard my grandparents talk about it being good. 

I'd really like to try the Aloha Refreshing Pineapple pop, pineapple is my favorite fruit.

I have a weakness for grape pop! 
If you aren't interested in the Valentine's labels, there are plenty others to pick from. There are labels for every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, and baby announcements. Custom Soda Label would make a great gift for any holiday or special occasion. 

Josh and I received four bottles, but you can order your Custom Soda Label in a variety of quantities. The more you order, the less each individual bottle costs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Custom Soda Label.

Order now for free shipping!

I really wish I would have known about these bottles before Josh and I got married because I would have used these as a wedding favor. You can drink the soda and then save the bottle for some upcycle project. Im using ours as a vase. 

If you are interested in anything and everything Custom Soda Label has to offer please check out their blog. It is full of tips and great ideas involving Custom Soda Label products. 

Want it? Buy it!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner readers, so hop online and check out Custom Soda Label for the perfect unique gift for your sweetie. 

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