365 Acts of Kindness- Week 7

Happy Sunday everyone! It's week 7 of our 365 Days of Kindness Challenge and I love what I have been reading so far about all the kindness everyone has been spreading around. If you have missed our last few posts, we are working to do one nice thing for someone every day of the year and we are encouraging everyone to do the same. The "act" could be toward someone you know or a complete stranger, to help pass love around and inspire others to do the same! 

Every Sunday, we're posting a weekly roundup of Acts of Kindness, where you can share how you've helped others, or how others have blessed you by their acts.

This past week I've started noticing a lot of acts of kindness from other people. Drew and Reese have been making sure to hold the door open for others, a woman in the checkout line let me go in front of her because she had more items than I did, and Matt has been working on shoveling a massive snow bank in the road in the front of our house so that some of our neighbors have an extra place to park. 

My favorite thing about this last week though, is an act of kindness that is still in its "brainstorming stages". Drew has been fixated on helping the less fortunate. The idea she talks about most is making posters to invite people to stop by and pick up something to eat! She talks about her idea daily, most recently to share that she thinks we should wait until summer to hang the posters so that they don't get ruined by the bad weather we've been having.  

Her little heart is already so full of kindness, and I love her ideas. Matt and I have been talking about contacting the Mayor's office to see what we are allowed to do and hopefully grow awareness so that it becomes a larger community project. 

Have you been noticing more kindness in your world lately? We'd love to hear all about it, so be sure to leave a comment below and keep spreading the love around! You never know, your comment might be featured in next week's post or we might randomly show kindness to one of our readers! 

Enjoy the Rest of Your Weekend! 

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