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Weekends With the Wigglesworths- Time to Play!

Hooray Hooray it's Saturday! This week, even though it was a short one, seemed to just drag on. I suppose it could feel that way because I haven't been getting enough sleep, but seriously the 4 day school week felt like a 7 day school week. 

Today the weather isn't so great, so the plan is to spend the day playing games. During the week, Drew made up her own game using a "spinner" from a board game that she has, so we will likely start off playing that. I'm sure we'll also end up playing Uno and Clue (modified of course) since they are family favorites. Here's hoping we can hold Reese's attention for a little while! 

Tomorrow we will do what we do almost every Sunday, try to take over the world  go to church and visit with some family. I really wish weekends were longer than just 2 days!

I'd love to hear about your plans for this weekend, so leave a comment below!

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