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Keep Your Laptop Safe with Kid Lid #Review + #Giveaway

My laptop is super important to me. I use it pretty much all throughout the day, on and off, and would be in big trouble if anything happened to it. I try to take the best possible care of my laptop. It was a pretty expensive investment, and it's a relied upon tool, especially when it comes to blogging. My laptop goes wherever I go- on vacations and weekend trips, because I am always working. Before everyone in my household had their own tablets, we relied a lot on my laptop for watching movies and streaming Netflix. It's still used as a movie player when we're away from home, or during educational lessons at home.

Kid Lid

I don't mind using my laptop for movie viewing or educational purposes for my son, or even streaming music so we can have an impromptu dance party. Even though my four year old is growing up, I still can't completely trust him not to mash the keys on the keyboard, so we've used the laptop less and less for non-work purposes recently. Right before the holidays, I was introduced to Kid Lid.

Kid Lid is a unique new solution that provides a stable surface that defends against inadvertent spills and resists the pounding of even the most rambunctious child. Kid Lid products protect computer keys from unwanted typing that disrupts movies, games and video chats as well as the removal of keys by small fingers.

I was sent a Kid Lid to try out, and could wait to see how it stacked up against my clever four year old.

I loved the Kid Lid packaging- it was thin and I could simply recycle it- no unnecessary waste. I opened the envelope to find the white Kid Lid Protect Board

The Kid Lid Protect Board was protected by plastic, which I removed and discarded.

Here's the actual protect board, which is made from a sturdy, yet lightweight BPA free plastic.

The Kid Lid Protect Board provides a smooth and stable surface that will resist the pounding of the most rambunctious child. It's dishwashing machine safe. It's made from BPA-Free Poly Carbonate plastic, 3MM thick and a removable elastic strap. Offered in white and with two sizes that universally covers all 15" and 13" laptops on the market, both Mac and PC.

There is a removable Velcro elastic strap on the back of the board, which helps to hold the board in place when on top of the laptop.

To use the Kid Lid, all you need to do, is slide it down over your screen, and allow the board to rest over your keyboard.

The Kid Lid Protect Board fit perfectly over my laptop, and it took less than ten seconds to get it ready for use.

Next, slip the elastic strap over the base of the laptop, to hold the Kid Lid Protect Board in place. You can adjust the strap if needed, but I didn't wind up needing to do that for mine.

Kid Lid Protect Board is set up and secured, and now we're ready to have some fun!

I love that the Kid Lid is so easy to use- any parent, older sibling or caregiver could easily set it up in mere seconds, and have a safe, reliable surface and protection over a laptop's keyboard. The Kid Lid serves not only as a protective cover for the keys, but as a safe surface for little ones- so it can almost become a little tabletop, making it a great place to rest a snack on- at home, or on the go.

Our experience with Kid Lid has been extremely positive. Since the keys are covered, there is no temptation to mess with them. I love that the keys are protected, and I don't have to worry about an application closing or a program being interrupted, if the touch pad is accidentally bumped. If you're on the go a lot, you may want to consider the Kid Lid Fold up Board, as opposed to the Protect Board, just because it's easier to take along with you on a trip, etc. The Protect Board is a great option for at home use, and can be cleaned right in the dishwasher! Gotta love products that make life easier for moms!

Did You Know?

Last year alone, consumers spent almost $3 billion replacing and repairing laptops, tablets and smartphones as a result of damage caused by children. Kid Lid is just a smart product to have on hand, if you're a laptop owner, and you have children- or pets!

Keep your laptop safe with Kid Lid!

Also available- the Kid Lid Fold-up Board

Want It? Buy It!

Kid Lid is available in two different styles, and two sizes. The Kid Lid Protect Board ($29) and Fold up Board ($39) are available for purchase at KidLid.com. Connect with Kid Lid on Facebook, and  Twitter, and be sure to check out their Kickstarter Campaign, too!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky reader will in their very own Kid Lid Protect Board ($29.00 RV)! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win! This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Special thanks to Kid Lid for allowing me to share about their wonderful product, and for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. This would solve a problem that we have been having with the computer.


  2. This would help protect my computer when there are kids around


  3. This product is so amazing.


  4. Well, laptop + 2 kids = need to try this!

  5. No terrible accidents yet, but every time we skype with grandma, my daughter wants to pile her toys up on the keyboard. With this that wouldn't be a problem.

  6. How about the cat that walked across the keyboard? Does that count?


  7. I have kids around all the time and this would really help.

  8. The kids have spilled ice cream on the keyboard. what a mess.


  9. Besides, the cheap cost of used business laptops compensate for whatever tinkering you may wish to do with it rather than voiding the warranty that comes with brand new laptops. Laptops


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