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Give the Gift of Elegance and Comfort by ChiChateau: Oversized Damask Throw Blanket #Review

When you think about gifts for Valentine's Day, what comes to mind? The first ideas that pop into my head are candy, a romantic dinner out with my husband, maybe a new dress? I also think about special treats for my special little man, like a special date, a new activity book, and maybe a sweet treat. My husband and I have never really been big into celebrating Valentine's Day, but since we became parents, we tend to pay the holiday a little bit more attention. Instead of spending our hard earned money on something that can be consumed, or may wind up cast aside a week later, we like to think about gifts the entire family can enjoy.

Not long ago, I was browsing for unique Valentine's Day gifts, and I came across ChiChateau on Etsy. I love Etsy. Not only is it a wonderful place to find unique gifts and specialty products, most everything is handmade. These are products which a person pours their creativity, heart, and soul into, and most of the time, it shows through the item's craftsmanship. A beautiful blanket caught my eye, and I reached out to the owner of ChiChateau, Rhonda, and asked about the possibility of sharing about her business on Mommy's Block Party.

Rhonda and I were able to connect and speak on the phone, and it was an utter delight to get to know her a bit, and learn more about her business and creative process. Rhonda has been a sewer most of her life. As a child, she enjoyed her toy sewing machine, and as she grew older, she taught herself how to construct clothing, using her mother's vintage sewing machine. Rhonda spent many years in the world of graphic design, and uses her vast knowledge and understanding of layouts, color coordination, etc, in all of her handcrafted creations. ChiChateau is a newer venture for Rhonda, and through her Etsy shop, she is able to showcase and offer customers beautifully designed home decor, and more.

Rhonda and I spent a good deal of time discussing Valentine's Day gifts, and why we both thought that one of her gorgeous throw blankets would make such a unique gift. Rhonda kindly offered to make a beautiful, personalized grey damask fleece oversized throw blanket for my family. After we spoke on the phone, Rhonda got right to work on the blanket, from scratch, and a few days later, it was at my doorstep!

I was pretty thrilled when the postal carrier arrived with this box, containing a very special gift from Rhonda at ChiChateau.

As I opened the box, I found our gift, wrapped and protected by light plastic.

I appreciated that Rhonda wrapped the blanket like this. Since this item would be getting up close and personal with my family, I knew I didn't have anything to worry about, as there would have been no way the blanket could have gotten dirty during shipping. 

Take a look at this beautiful presentation!

I carefully lifted the covered blanket from the box, and removed the blanket from its protective covering. As I laid the blanket on my dining table,  looked at it and thought, 'How incredibly beautiful is this!' I ran my fingers over the blanket and could already picture myself wrapped up in it, experiencing true comfort. The blanket combines some of my very favorite elements of a cozy blanket- fleece for fuzzy comfort and warmth, and satin for a silky, soft, luxurious feel.

Rhonda takes such good care of her customers, and truly cares about the way her products are presented.

Rhonda folded our blanket, and tied a lovely and silky grey ribbon around the blanket, with her ChiChateau business card attached to the ribbon. What a lovely, special touch!

I almost hated to undo the ribbon over the blanket, but I knew I had to. 

I wanted to take a closer look at the beautiful personalization that Rhonda added to our blanket. The pattern on the fleece is my top favorite pattern- Damask. I love the gorgeous, intricate white pattern against the soft grey on the fleece, and the solid black satin binding, as the contrasting trim. Mine and my hubby's bedroom sort of has a black and white theme, and we use grey to contrast those colors, as well, so this is a wonderful fit for us, style wise.

The most special part of this blanket, is the personalization.

For our blanket, Rhonda sweetly added a grey heart shape background, with embroidery around the edges. In the middle of the heart, she added a beautiful initial monogram, an 'O' for Ondria, and an 'A' for Aleksandr. This is so special to us. I see this blanket as our cuddle blanket. We do a lot of movie nights at home on the weekends, after our sweet son goes off to bed. Staying in is much more cost effective, than going out. We love to cuddle and unwind together at the end of a long, demanding week, and being able to both fit underneath this lovely oversized throw blanket together is so nice... no more fighting over who gets to have the blanket over their feet, and whose get left in the chilly air!

Our son B, was so excited when our beautiful Monogrammed Oversized Damask Throw Blanket arrived from ChiChateau. I had already told him that we were being given a very special early Valentine's Day gift, and that it was going to be a new blanket. After he came home from school, on the day the blanket was set to arrive, he watched and waited for the mail carrier to arrive with a box. Once our package arrived, and we opened it, he couldn't wait to get into his jammies, and get under that blanket! 

First cuddle underneath our lovely new oversized throw blanket from ChiChateau- father and son.

Both Sacha and B seemed to be in heaven while snuggling up underneath our cozy new fleece blanket. When I asked if I could join them for a cuddle, B held his end of the blanket up for me. I scooted in with them, and was so excited that the blanket covered all three of us, and left extra blanket on the sides, and reached down to the floor! No more fighting over blankets, or having to use two throw blankets at a time! This pretty blanket is the perfect size for the entire family!

When we're not using the Monogrammed Oversized Damask Throw Blanket, I simply fold it, and lay it out across the foot of my bed. 

It makes me so happy to walk into my bedroom and see mine and my husband's initials inside of the grey heart, at the foot of our bed. It's a beautiful reminder that our family began with the two of us, and blossomed forth from our love for one another. We have only had this beautiful blanket in out home for a few days, and of course, I have been showing it off like mad! I can't help it- it is so pretty! I took to instagram after the blanket arrived, and I have already received a ton of love from followers on the photo, and some comments on what a beautiful gift it would make for a special couple! I couldn't agree more!

This little monkey loves our new blanket from ChiChateau so much, he is always sneaking into mommy and daddy's room to cuddle with it!

We have cuddled up under this blanket every night since its arrival, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. It keeps us warm and cozy. We have taken several cuddle naps underneath the blanket, watched a movie together as a family, and it is mine and B's new favorite blanket to cuddle up with when we sit down to read stories together.

Features of the Grey Damask Over Sized Throw Blanket, Black Satin Binding, Heart Shape Applique with Embroidered Monogram by ChiChateau...

*From ChiChateau on Etsy*
Price: $99.00

Snuggle up with your sweetheart in this fuzzy, over-sized, grey-damask, Ultra-Cuddle fleece and satin throw blanket. When it's not in use, this throw blanket makes a lovely decorative accent draped across a bed.

This custom-made, 100%-polyester, throw blanket has an embroidered monogram. The monogram is embroidered with black embroidery thread on a heart-shaped, dark-grey fleece that is appliqued to the throw blanket. Black-satin binding is added to all sides of the throw blank for a sophisticated look and feel. 

This blanket makes a perfect gift for a special occasion such as Valentine's Day, wedding or wedding anniversary.

Fabric colors: dark grey, light grey
Appliqued fleece: dark grey
Embroidery thread color: black monogram, grey on outer edge of applique
Satin binding: black

SIZE (approximate)
60" wide by 80" long
Appliqued heart shape measures 8.75" wide by 6" high

Machine wash cold, nonchlorine bleach, tumble dry low, do not iron.

Rhonda truly cares about her customers, and would love to create a beautiful blanket for you. She loves working on custom orders, so please feel free to 'convo' Rhonda through Etsy, if you have any questions about this product, or have a custom request.

Not only does ChiChateau offer this gorgeous throw blanket, there are many different handcrafted gift items to browse.

Take a look at some other lovely gift items available from ChiChateau...

Love Birds Accent Pillow, Shabby Chic, Folk Art, Linen (17" w x 12" h)
Love Birds Accent Pillow 
Photo by ChiChateau

Silver Table Runner, Silver Leaves and Floral Design on Beige, 15.5" Wide, Choose Length
Silver Table Runner
Photo by ChiChateau

Airplane Baby Blanket, White Dot Minky, Blue and White Stripe Flannel, Satin Binding, Personalized, Embroidered Applique, 30" x 40"
Airplane Baby Blanket
Photo by ChiChateau

Hooded Bath Towel, Zebra Print, Initial Embroidered, Applique, Fleece, Embellished
Hooded Bath Towel
Photo by ChiChateau

Whether you're looking for a unique gift for Valentine's Day, a special wedding gift, anniversary gift, or baby shower gift, ChiChateau has beautiful handcrafted selections that will be loved and cherished by the recipient, and a true joy for the gift-giver to give. One of my best friends is getting married in the fall, and I would love to gift one of Rhonda's gorgeous designs to the special couple. I'm also getting a whole lot of baby shower gift ideas- here's hoping that this year will bring some new extended family members!

Want It? Get It!

Head on over to ChiChateau to browse Rhonda's beautifully crafted home decor and gifts. Remember, if you'd like to place an order, or have any questions or requests, just send Rhonda an Etsy convo to get the ball rolling. Rhonda welcomes your feedback, and appreciates your business. You can show Rhonda a little love by 'favoriting' ChiChateau on Etsy, or visiting ChiChateau on Pinterest, or connecting with ChiChateau on Twitter.

Special thanks to Rhonda of ChiChateau for creating this gorgeous blanket for our family, and allowing me to review and share about it with the MBP community!

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