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Getting to Know You - J

Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week , we're catching up with MBP Sr. Contributor, Jess.
Good Eats-What's for Dinner Tonight?
Thursday is our bowling night so we'll probably pick something up. Subway sounds good!

Whatcha Reading?
I've been doing some reading online about different diets like Whole30 and the Paleo diet.
Listening to Anything Good?
We're getting ready for National Lutheran Schools Week with two musical performances so I've been listening to G-O-D, Praise The Lord, and music from Frozen.
Whatcha Been Watching?
We're trying to catch up on our shows, CSI, Grimm, and Major Crimes. 

I Dreamed a Dream of....
Most of my dreams lately have contained a lot of cats and a lot of bears in them. 

What I'm Loving this Week....
Warm weather... and by warm I mean highs in the mid 30s. After highs in the negatives and wind chills of -30 a week back, 35 feels like summer!! 

I am so Done With?
We've only had 2 this year, but Im sick of snow days, especially the week after Christmas break! Last year we had like 3 or 4 the week after Christmas break plus a bunch later in the winter, and this year we've already had 2 and its just awful! When they are later on in winter I don't hate snow days but when they are the week after Christmas break I hate them! I love staying home with my fur babies, but im bored from being on break and I don't need another week off. I need breaks later in the year but we don't get them because we're making up snow days. Im praying we don't have any more this year!! 

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