Five Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Gal on the Go

Are you looking for a fun gift idea for your Valentine? If your gal spends a good deal of time on the road, show her how much you care with some fun and functional gifts she can use and enjoy while in the car. Whether she travels for work or pleasure, she'll truly appreciate having a useful gift, rather than your typical box of chocolates.

Portable Office

If your gal travels a lot for business, gifting her a portable office is a great idea. A hanging organizer that can quickly and easily be attached to the passenger seat is a great option. The organizer can face forward and hang over the front of the seat for accessibility, or can hang over the back, if need be. Finding an organizer with several compartments of different sizes would probably be most beneficial. These types of organizers can hold everything from file folders and thin notebooks to pens, clips, and devices. A fun color or a color to match the car would more than likely be appreciated by the recipient.

Coffee Shop Gift Card

If your gal is on the go all the time, and drives for several hours a day, another great gift option would be a gift card to a coffee shop. Choose one that would likely be easily accessible from the highway (if highway driving is involved), and one that is more well known, as the chances of being able to find one will be much better. A gift like this will allow your gal to stop for a little break, or to grab a little pick-me-up when it's needed most.

Monogrammed Car Mats

Believe it or not, most women take as much pride in their cars as men do. Women enjoy adding a touch of their own personality to their vehicles, and a personalized gift for the car, such as monogrammed car mats are a cute and fun idea. Not only are the car mats practical, they can be made to match just about any style with certain colors and patterns. Chevron is a highly popular pattern that's not going anywhere anytime soon, and looks great with any color combo!

Car Visor Frame

A great gift idea for the gal that has it all, is a car visor frame. A small frame that can be clipped to the driver or passenger side visor can hold a special photo, note, or artwork. It's a great option for couples who may not usually exchange gifts, or for kids to give to their mom, aunt, grandmother, etc.

Rain Boots

Nothing stinks worse than getting caught in the rain while you're traveling, or out running errands. With most women's shoe styles semi-exposing a woman's foot, rain can make for a wet squishy mess, or can even be the cause of minor accidents when walking into a building after the shoes have become wet. Gifting a cute pair or rain boots that can be stored in the car is a thoughtful idea. Not only will the boots be a fun fashion staple, they will help to keep pants dry, and will keep your gal from ruining her shoes, or slipping and falling on a wet surface.

Take the gift road less traveled this Valentine's Day, and surprise your sweetie with one of these thoughtful, fun gifts!

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  1. Love the ideas for the lady on the go in your life. I glad my daughter is only 8 right now...


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