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Five New Year's Resolutions for Your Car

Every year, millions of people make resolutions to get their bodies back into shape. They start off strong, and then a few weeks into the new year, those resolutions are left in the dust. Resolutions can be hard to stick to, but they are worth making sacrifices to keep. 

If you haven't made a resolution for 2015, it's not too late! Why not make a resolution to take better care of your car? Cars need TLC, just like people do, and if you take good care of your car, it'll be part of your family for a long time. There are several things that you can do right now, during the colder months to get your vehicle prepped for springtime (driving with the windows down sounds good right about now).

Clean Your Car Out

It happens to everyone- we wind up carting around with tons of unnecessary items in our vehicles. From kids toys and extra clothing to notebooks, empty cups, and trash, stuff accumulates in vehicles rather quickly. Just keep the necessities in your car, and get rid of the junk, or take it inside when you get home. Leaving junk in your car adds extra weight, which can make your gas mileage go way down. You'll also feel better about driving an un-junked vehicle, and won't think twice about offering someone you know a ride in it. Maybe you'll even be prompted to start a carpool to work or school?

Wash Your Car Regularly

Your car takes a beating every time it hits the road. Think about all of the grit that flies up on your windshield when you drive- that's also likely flying up all over the body of your car. Your car has to brave the elements all year long- animals, snow and road salt, dirt and sand, pollen, and more! Giving your car a regular wash and wax will help keep your car looking nice and clean. A coat of wax will help protect your paint and clear coat from natural damage that can occur over time. Plus, driving around with a seriously dirty car and windshield is just plain dangerous. Make sure your windshield is clean and clear at all times.

Organize Your Paperwork

This is one of those resolutions that sounds completely boring, but is worth the time and effort. Make sure you keep your owner's manual in a safe place that you'll remember. Most car owners keep theirs in their glove box. You'll also want to make sure you know where your registration and insurance information is. You need to have this information on you, anytime you get behind the wheel. It's also a good idea to keep track of your car maintenance schedule. Keep all copies of invoices for work done on your car, receipts, appointment cards, and more in a folder that you'll be able to get to. It's also a good idea to to keep a notepad in your car and track your mileage every time you fill your gas tank. If you travel for business, track your mileage and turn it in with your expense report.

Check Fluids and Tire Pressure

Not following a regular maintenance routine can lead to undesirable consequences. Check your tire pressure regularly, and use the coin trick to check your tires' tread. Check your oil, and have it changed when your mechanic suggests. You should also regularly check your coolant level, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, and check your air filter once a year, or every 12,000 miles.. It's a good idea to follow your car manual's advice/instructions.

Find a Trustworthy Mechanic or Shop

No one should leave a dealership or car repair shop with the feeling that they've just been suckered. If you leave your regular shop with tons of questions swirling around your head, it may be time to take your vehicle elsewhere. Ask your friends and family for recommendations when it comes to finding a trustworthy and reliable mechanic. You may have to shop around for a while, but once you find the right match, you and your car will be very happy.

'Cars and cameras are the two things I let myself be materialistic about. I don't care about other stuff.' -Louis C. K., Comedian

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hoover Jeep Chrysler.

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  1. It is such a good thing to keep the car on the outside clean, especially in the Winter with all the road grime and chemicals. And keeping the tire pressure correct is also so important!


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