Fitness Friday: Choosing a Fitness Tracker that's Right for You

As many of you know, last year about this time I set some goals for myself to get healthy. I was great for about 3 or 4 months and lost 20lbs but I got off track and couldn't get back on. This new year, I wanted to try again and I've realized that I can't do it alone. Since I needed some help I asked Santa for a Garmin Vivofit for Christmas this year and I love it!

My Vivofit tells me when I need to get moving, it counts my steps and miles I've walked, it can tell my heart rate, it sets new walking goals for me daily, and it tracks my sleep. All I have to do is wear it like a watch(which it has too) and sync it with my iPhone to read all the data. Its like a personal trainer that doesn't yell or make me cry!

My Vivofit doubles as a comfy and lightweight watch.

The little button on the right will click through all the Vivofit's capabilities. 

Getting ready to read my heart rate.

How many steps I'd taken as of 10:00a.m. 

How many steps I had left to reach my daily goal.

How many miles I'd walked at 10:00am

How many calories I've burned. 
Now I'm not saying a personal fitness tracker is going to be your miracle solution but they sure help and they are a constant reminder to stay on track. There are so many on the market right now, I'm sure you can find one that fits your personal needs. Here are some of the popular fitness trackers:

The Jawbone Up

The Nike Fuelband 


With so many fitness bands to pick from, it was hard to decide which was right for me. I chose the Vivofit because it shows little red bars when I need to move, it tracks my sleep, and it came in purple.

We love to hear from you!!! Let me know what activity tracker you use or which one you think would suit your needs!

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