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A Sweet Gift for the Gardener in Your Life: Monika's Marketplace Gardening Gloves #Review + #Giveaway

This is the time of year that I start getting spring fever. It's January, and as much as I love winter fashion staples (I'll be sad to put my boots away), I can't wait to get back outside! We have sort of been teased by mother nature this week. It's been beautifully sunny, and we've had temperatures in the 60's here in North Carolina. Warm, sunny days make me want to get outside, and back into my garden! I know that we still have several weeks of winter left, but that's no reason for me not to start planning my spring and summer flower beds, etc. I have a lot of clean up to do outside, before spring rolls around, and I need to make sure that I have good tools on hand in order to get the dirty work done.


Every gardener needs a good pair of gardening gloves. They may not really be what comes to mind when you think about a Valentine's Day gift, but trust me- if you have a gardener in your life, it's a practical, useful, and appreciated gift idea! Monikas's Marketplace recently sent me a lovely set of three pairs of ladies gardening gloves. It was perfect timing, because the gloves I bought over two years ago were full of holes!

Monika's Marketplace offers cool product solutions for everyday life, including car shades, microwave cooking covers, and gardening gloves!

I was thrilled to receive a 3-pack of gardening gloves from Monika's Marketplace.

The gloves arrived nicely packaged, protected by plastic, and sealed closed. There was a pretty sticker on the plastic envelope, with the Monika's Marketplace logo on it. The brightly colored gloves begged to be released from the plastic, so I gently removed them and laid them out, so I could take a closer look. 

This sunny trio included a whimsical yellow-green set, a pretty white and pink set, and purple set of gloves... some of my favorite colors!

The gloves are so colorful, they practically scream spring! Just looking at them makes me want to run to my favorite greenhouse and spend lots of money on plants- but it's way too early to do that. 

This is my favorite pattern. I love the vibrant colors and the overall design.

Another pretty pattern- I see this pair of gloves getting pretty dirty this spring.

A lovely pair of gloves, quite possibly to save for use at my potting bench (yeah- I'm that kinda gardener).

Of course, these gloves are much more about their performance, than their looks, though they are quite lovely. I like my gardening gloves to be pretty and cute, but I also need them to assist me in getting certain jobs done, without my hands being ripped and torn to bits! I have a lot of rose bushes around my house, six in total. I can't wait for them to bloom this late spring/summer. One of my favorite early summer activities, is taking a garden trug and a pair of clippers outside with me, and cutting fresh roses for arrangements in my home. Roses can be hard to deal with. They are delicate, yet deadly! Their thorns can leave nasty cuts, or worse, can break off into your ski, like a piece of splintered wood. Roses have to be handled carefully, and I need sturdy, yet delicate gloves that will allow me to feel the roses, without getting pricked. These gloves from Monika's Marketplace are perfect for pruning time, and for cutting, once the roses have bloomed.

Gloves that protect, but still allow you to feel around.

I put these gloves to the test not long after they arrived at my house. I had a lot of leaf raking to do, due to us not staying on top of it in the fall. It is such a chore, but I wanted to get the year cleaned up. Having the leaves raked up makes the yard look much nicer, and then they're not being dragged into the house on our shoes. I put a pair of the gardening gloves on, because when  raked leaves in the fall, I did so without the gloves on, and got huge, painful blisters!

These gloves covered and protected my hands very well. They also went over the cuffs of my shirt sleeves, which kept dirt and debris out of my shirt. I was pretty happy with the performance of the gloves. They remained strong and sturdy as I wore them, and minimised the rubbing from the rake. They helped me get the job done in half the time it would have taken me without gloves. Bottom line, I like these gloves a lot, and would definitely recommend them to the women in my life who love to garden as much as I do!

Features of the 3-Pack Gardening Gloves from Monika's Marketplace

BREATHABLE NYLON - Breathable nylon eliminates sweaty hands during gardening.
NITRILE COATED - Palms of hands are coated with nitrile to protect from thorns, as well as wetness
EASY TO CLEAN - Easy to clean ladies gardening gloves, just soap and water, rinse and hang to dry.
ONE SIZE FITS MOST - True to size to fit average women's hands.

Want them? Get them!

You can head on over to Monika's Marketplace to browse their site for more great Valentine's Day gift ideas, or to make your purchase.

Want them? Win them!

One lucky reader will win a set of the 3-Pack Gardening Gloves from Monika's Marketplace! Just use the handy RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and over. No PO boxes, please.

Special thanks to Monika's Marketplace for allowing me to experience and share about these must-have gardening gloves, and for offering this special giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. As much as I love digging in the dirt...I hate dirt under my fingers.

  2. I need some cute gloves to keep me happy in the garden!

  3. these would be great for weeding, transplanting, digging, anything in the yard!

  4. I like to wear gloves for pulling tough old weeds, or for anything spiky or thorny.

  5. Hmm, I don't think my first comment went through. Anyway, I plan on adding a new raspberry patch this summer, so a good pair of gloves is a must!

  6. I would love to use these to plant our garden in the spring.

  7. I wear gloves for planting flowers.

  8. My mom and I love to garden together in the summer! We prefer wearing gloves when we do so. :)

  9. I like to wear gloves to pull weeds.

  10. I am a huge gardener so I'd use them there and I would also use them when working in my worm buckets. Yes, i raise worms. for composting and for feeding to my chickens.

  11. I love gardening and these would come in handy during the spring and summer months.

  12. these would be wonderful to use when taking care of my strawberry plants


  13. I mainly use them while working in the garden.


  14. I would enjoy using these in our flower garden or our vegetable garden.

  15. I would wear them to pull weeds and tend to roses

  16. Beth

    I am planting an garden this summer with many of the old time varieties of vegetables. These would be so helpful.

  17. I love to work outside in the summer when I am feeling good. These will help me in planting flowers and all the little things that go with it! They are very cute looking!

  18. I would also use the gloves for raking so my hands don't blister. Also for picking up leaves to put into a container. Foe weeding our roses and raspberries..

  19. Roy

    I would give them to my wife to use.

  20. Gloves are good to wear when you're working with roses


  21. I would love to use these while I plant my flowers. Gloria


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