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Wordless Wednesday - Christmas Eve Edition

My babies. 

Forrest, our 3 year old gray tabby. He loves to cuddle, sneak out on the back porch to eat dog food, and chase the evil little red dot. 
Milo, our 2 year old orange and white tabby. He loves to eat, lick windows, and pounce his brother as well as on hands under the bed sheets. 

Penny Lane, our 2 year old American Bulldog. She loves to chew on her toys, go for walks, pester people, and sneak out of the bedroom at night to sleep on the couch. 

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday, and Christmas Eve!


  1. Your pets are adorable! I'm hoping to get my family a dog this year :)

  2. We moved and we couldn't take our cats with us. It makes me miss them.


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