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Who Needs Mischevious Elves When You Have Pets? #WordlessWednesday

This is Buddy and Diesel. 
Diesel is the Big one and Buddy is the small one. They are full of mischief and every day there is a new adventure awaiting us. 

 Hanging out on the bed looking out the window.

 Oh wait, what's that on the floor?

 It's a shredded piece of mail! 

 I had so much fun digging up the yard in the rain! 

 I'm sorry, you were heading out the door? A quick bath will only make you 30 minutes late!

 I wasn't digging in the yard!

 Oh, Wait! Yes I WAS! 

 What? Our guests want to be comfortable in bed? Nah, who needs comfort! 

 You can't even notice it! 

But for all the destruction, we have these moments! 

Happy Wednesday!

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