Tip Tuesday- Make Ahead Frozen Lunches

Make Your Own Frozen Lunches

So the holidays are over and if you're anything like me, your wallet is a lot lighter! Today I've got a great tip to save you a little extra green by adding flavor and health to your lunch.

I make my own frozen healthy lunches. This way I know exactly what is inside it, I can season it how I like, and I don't have to worry about insane amounts of sodium! Have you looked at the nutritional information on any of those frozen "diet" meals that you find at the store?

510mg of sodium?! Thats just for a few bites of stuff to throw on a salad!
This one has 440mg for literally 8 bites of pasta. 
My lunches are usually under 400 calories and are jam packed with flavors I love. They cost around $2-3 a meal.  Each meal always has a protein, a veggie, a starch, and a fruit, occasionally there is a dairy. Here are just a few of them for you to check out. 

Grilled garlic and herb chicken with broccoli, cauliflower, and white rice.  I use Mrs. Dash flavorings on my chicken so there is no sodium but tons of flavor. I know brown rice is better for you than white rice but I can't stand the way brown rice tastes. I also really like to use these separated microwave safe bowls so I can keep things apart if I want. 

My husband LOVES my frozen burritos. Our freezer actually looks like a Quicky Mart because we have so many frozen burritos. These burritos have ground turkey flavored with salsa and Mrs. Dash chili lime seasoning, low sodium black beans, and frozen corn. I wrap them each in a medium fajita shell and top each one with half a slice of cheese. 

This is one of Josh's frozen meal so its got more meat than I would pack myself. This one has chicken breast cooked in 98% fat free soup, cornbread stuffing, and butternut squash. If this was one of my meals it would have double veg and no stuffing because I don't really like stuffing. 
I hope this tip can save you some money and some sodium intake. Just freeze the lunch and use it when you need it. Depending on how frozen the lunch is, it cooks in 3 to 6 minutes. Enjoy!!

What are some of your make ahead meal tips? We'd love to hear them!

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