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The Importance of Visibility Maintenance

When driving, there are so many elements that can be distracting. Driving in inclement weather can lead to scary situations, if you are unable to see properly. Taking good care of your windshield, wiper blades, and headlights is a must, to ensure the best possible visibility in tough driving conditions.

Follow these simple tips so you're good to go when the weather turns, or the darkness sets in.

Keep your windshield clean.
It's important to keep your windshield as clean as possible, at all times. Depending on whether or not you are able to park your car underneath a protected area (garage, car port, etc), you may wind up with a big mess on your windshield. Leaves, sap from trees, pollen, dirt, frost, snow and ice can wreak havoc on your car's windshield, and need to be properly cleaned off to keep your windshield clear. Consider using an outdoor windshield cover to protect the outer glass from these elements while your car is not in use. Regularly cleaning your windshield and washing it will help remove grit, grime, and bugs, and will help to give you the best chance for streak-free swipes from your wiper blades.

Maintain your wiper blades.
Did you know that you should change your wiper blades every six months or so? They are used a lot, and they wear down easily. You may need to change your blades sooner than six months if they are causing you low visibility. Inspect your wipers at least once a month, and have a professional take a look at them when you take your car in for its services. If your wipers are streaking, chattering, are bent out of shape, or the rubber is coming apart, you will need to change your wiper blades as soon as possible.

Make sure your lights are working properly.
Have a friend, or partner help you regularly check your lights: headlights, flood lights (if you have them), brake lights, and turn signal lights. Driving with a light out may result in a ticket or written warning, and lowers your visibility. Turn your lights on at dusk/in the dark, in the rain and snow, or whenever you feel you might need extra light to see. If there is no oncoming traffic around you, don't be afraid to use your brights when you feel they're needed. Keeping your light covers clean will also help with visibility.

Fix windshield chips or cracks.
Leaving chips or cracks in your windshield can lead to many problems. The crack or chip can easily worsen, if a rock or piece of debris hits your windshield, potentially causing a dangerous situation for the driver and passenger. Chips and cracks in the windshield can also cause your wiper blades to deteriorate quickly. If you have a chip or crack that you received while driving, call your insurance company to see how they can help get it filled or have the windshield replaced.

Following these tips will help keep your visibility high in low visibility situations, and will allow you to focus your attention on the road.

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