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Staying Motivated this Holiday Season #MondayMotivation

Happy Monday! I am so excited that a new week has begun, and we are inching closer and closer to Christmas. I am longing for Christmas Eve to arrive, so I can stand with my church family, raise a lighted candle, and sing, 'Silent Night.' I can't wait to enjoy that joyous, peaceful moment with my loved ones.

 I won't lie- I have been super busy, and so has my hubby. Last week, we barely saw each other. I am so thankful that B's grandparents are nearby to offer a helping hand, and to offer me a break every now and then, too. Just the fact that these loved ones are near, is a gift to our family.

We finally have our house decorated for Christmas. We got our tree last week- Tuesday, in fact. Got it home, got it set up, and then realized we couldn't find the lights. Tuesday night was our only free night of the week, so our tree sat naked in our house until Saturday. We had to break down and buy new lights, because we somehow managed to lose an entire box of Christmas decorations, along with the tree lights.

Would you like a cookie?

We have been enjoying the festive feel in our home, and my little guy has been motivating me to get lots of work done, as well as get a lot of Christmas prep done. It's so much more fun now that he's a little older. He loves waking up each morning to find his Elf, Snowflake, to check his Advent calendar, and to read a tiny story from our big Christmas story Advent book. We're decorating together, baking together, and even wrapping gifts together and singing Christmas songs. It's awesome. I asked B if he could tell me about Christmas, and why we celebrate it. He responded with, 'Christmas is about baby Jesus and big God, and loving, and giving.' The boy made my heart melt! I love him so much, and am so proud that 'getting presents' didn't even come out of his mouth! 

Love my little Christmas helper!

With it being so busy, and my work stack piling up, I have to say that this is the least stressed I have ever felt during the Christmas season since B was born. His attitude is absolutely helping me stay positive, and enjoying just being with him during the holiday season. Our busy lives won't be slowing down anytime soon- it's full steam ahead until about 11:00 pm on Christmas Eve, after we're home from church.

I will take every busy second of it, because I have the best guys by my side, and supportive parents and in-laws, and when we get to Christmas Day, I get to sit around the Christmas tree three times- laughing, sharing, loving, and making memories. I thank God for my family- I know this life won't last forever, but I plan to make every minute of it count, and hope that you will, too!

Here's hoping you enjoy the little things that are big things in disguise this season!

Does the place you’re called to labor
Seem so small and little known?
It is great if God is in it,
And He’ll not forget His own.
-from the hymn Little is Much, by Kittie Suffield

Blessings on your week!

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