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Spotlight Sponsor Review - Avon w/ Vanessa

New Years Nails

Ok so Christmas is next week which means New Years Eve is right around the corner. One of my favorite things about New Years Eve is the fact that it’s a great time to get all dolled up and fancy! Because I’m a wash and go kinda gal, to me, getting fancy means actually putting on make-up and having painted nails. I LOVE getting my nails done, but I play the guitar and the viola which means having long nails on your left hand is a no-no. That means getting my nails done is really a waste of money when I’ve got to cut them off or the paint gets chipped within a few days because of the metal strings. So if I want my nails to look good, I either paint them myself or I buy press on nails (they aren’t like they used to be!!!).

Our own blogger, Avon rep, and spotlight sponsor Vanessa Wigglesworth sent me some awesome new nail stuff to help jazz up my hands a bit for the new year. She sent me a bottle of gorgeous 7-in-1 Gel Finish nail polish called Very Berry, the perfect color for the holiday season.

Very Berry is very pretty! 
Only two coats and you're done!
This picture makes it look SOO much brighter than when it dries!
This picture makes it look black but it dries a deep dark purple. 
This looks a little more purple but still really dark. It's such a pretty color!! 
The 7-in-1 Gel Finish nail polish is available in the following colors:

Barely There


Inked Up

Lavender Sky


Parfait Pink


Roses are Red

Royal Vendetta

Sheer Love

Very Berry

 Vanessa also sent me some really cool Nail Art french tips. They're super sparkly and AWESOME and I love them!  

Fresh pack of sparkling awesomeness! 
 I used the Avon nail art on some of my press on nails because it was easier to take pictures of and I get a much better looking manicure than if I do it myself... I can paint my left nails like a pro but when it comes to painting my own right hand it kinda looks like a baboon was playing with a paintbrush. I decided to use them as french tips as well as full nail cover. 

To use the nail art you just apply it to the end of your nails and then trim to fit.
Its so cute right?!  
Look at this! Doesn't it look like I just came from the nail salon?! I did it right in my living room! 
This is my favorite! Super pink and sparkly! 
I feel like I have Barbie hands! 

I can't even tell you how incredibly easy this gorgeous manicure was. It takes a few minutes but it lasts about a week. The nail polish lasts a while, you can usually get two uses out of the fake nails (found at Walmart), and I've gotten multiple uses out of the nail art as well. If sparkly nails aren't your thing, check out some of the other nail art that Avon has available through Vanessa! The french tip art comes in classic french and some super cute winter themes.

Classic French

Let It Snow

Totally Tartan

The last thing Vanessa sent me was the That's Beachy texturizing spray. It gives your that super sexy beach look with texture and volume. I love it on my short hair, it allows me to just get out of the shower, spray, and go. 

Great for fresh from the beach hair in the middle of a blizzard! 

Want it? Buy it!
There is still some time left to grab your last minute stocking stuffers and all kinds of holiday gifts from Vanessa and Avon. Right now you can get 25% off of $75 or more by using the code 2dayship or free standard shipping with orders over $35. Don't wait, finish your shopping today! 

Thanks to Avon for making such great affordable products! And a very special thanks to Vanessa for sponsoring this awesome review! Im a whole new lady with my surfer hair and fancy nails!! 

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  1. I'm never very good at doing my nails, but those colors look amazing!


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