Six Great Gas Saving Tips

The economy is improving and gas prices have been dropping, but every driver still wants to be savvy and find ways to save where they can. Vehicles are expensive to purchase and maintain, so being able to save on gas is a huge plus! The average American spends over $2,000 per year on filling up their gas tank. Following a few simple tips can help cut costs at the pump.

Use a gas pricing app.
There are a lot of free apps available for download for IOS and Android. These apps are designed to let you know what the current gas prices are near your current location. You can compare prices at nearby gas stations, and make the best choice based on price.

Drive a manual.
A vehicle with a manual transmission (stick shift) is much more fuel efficient than one with an automatic transmission. This is certainly the case for drivers who do a lot of high way driving. If you do a lot of in-city driving, with a lot of stop and go traffic, an automatic transmission may be a better choice.

Using cruise control.
For drivers of vehicles with automatic transmissions, using Cruise control is a great option if you're doing highway driving. Being able to set a consistent speed without a lot of seeping up and slowing down will save on gas.

Pay attention to the way you brake.
Many drivers brake the wrong way. Far too often, especially when driving in heavy traffic, drivers speed up only to have to slam on their brakes to stop. The correct thing to do is to ease off the gas and come to a slow, safe stop. Cars with manual transmissions have a better ability to coast without having to have a foot on the gas or clutch.

Ease up on the lead foot.
Having a lead foot, or punching the gas when you're ready to take off in your car, is a bad idea. Just as you want to ease off the gas before you brake, you want to slowly press the gas pedal when you're ready to get your car moving.

Tale a load off.
Eliminating extra weight in your car can dramatically impact your fuel efficiency. If you do have to carry a lot of weight in the car, making sure the weight is evenly distributed- front to back, side to side, is a great way to help save on gas.

When you pay attention to how much gas you're using on a weekly basis, and then take these tips into consideration, you may see a big difference the next time you fill up at the gas pump! This will put money back into your pocket that you can use to take an awesome road trip!

Source: Arrigo Sawgrass

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