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Show Your Holiday Style in oka.B! #Review

I love dressing up for the holidays. One of my favorite Christmas traditions (when I was a little girl), was going shopping for a Christmas Eve dress with my sister, and our dad. It was something super special that we looked forward to each Christmas. I still loving getting dressed up for Christmas Eve service. I'm on my own as far as the dress goes, and no matter what I wear, I need to be comfortable. I direct a children's choir, and share my own special Christmas Eve music through singing, each year, and am on my feet for several hours. After the Christmas Eve service is over, we head to a Christmas Eve dinner at my in-law's house, which involves more standing. As much as I love these wonderful Christmas Eve traditions, I know that if I don't wear sensible shoes, I will be miserable.

OKA b. ShoesThatLoveYou - Cute & Comfortable Shoes

Thankfully, sensible and comfortable meets stylish and chic, with oka.B! oka.B believes that comfort and fashion shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Have you ever dreamed of owning a sandal or shoe that fits great, looks great, and feels great? oka.B brings customers all of the above, with sandals and shoes that even doctors approve of! oka.B started out with two basic styles- a slide, and a thong, which were designed to incorporate the feel of a spa shoe, integrating the principles of reflexology, and ergonomics. Today, the line has expanded to dozens of styles and colors, with beautiful adornments, including pieces like ribbons, baubles, natural seashells, and more. 

The first time I ever saw an oka.B sandal, was at the beach in North Carolina. Beach boutiques are notorious for having beautiful, unique clothing and accessories. My sister and I fell in love with oka.B and made plans to add a pair of sandals to our collections.

I was fortunate to connect with the wonderful team at oka.B, right before Christmas. They kindly sent me a pair of their beautiful flats to try out, and I couldn't wait for them to arrive. The oka.B shoes came to my door just a day or two before Christmas, which was perfect timing, because that meant that I would have a new pair of black flats to wear on Christmas Eve, and I could expect to be kept very comfortable.

My oka.B flats were packaged in this gorgeous almost Tiffany blue shoe box. I was more than pleased to discover that oka.B shoes and sandals are made in the US.

When I opened the box, I discovered beautiful cherry blossom branches. The box in itself was really cool. The lid was magnetic, and the front of the box expanded, sort of like an accordion.

My oka.B's were neatly wrapped in oka.B tissue paper. I felt like I was opening up a beautiful Christmas present.

Ta-da... here are the gorgeous slingback flats I received from oka.B!

I was sent the beautiful Kennedy Slingback in Licorice, with black bucket. These black slingbacks looked not only stylish, but super comfy and chic. Slingbacks just so happen to be one of my favorite shoe styles, so I was pretty thrilled with this selection. I have a pair of black flats that I have loved and worn for six years or so, and they are falling apart, so I was ready to pass the favorite flats torch to oka.B.

Check out the bottom of my oka.B Kennedy Slingbacks... obviously, I love the 'O' on the heel, and the adorable hearts for support and tread.

Look at how flexible these shoes are- I can fold them up, in my hand. Talk about comfort!

The inside of the oka.B flats and sandals are designed to work like a spa shoes, massaging your feet, as you wear them! What a great idea!

I love the added detail of oka.B shoes. They have add-ons to match just about every style and personality! The black bucket buckle adds just a bit of sass to my new shoes. They are simple, and classic.

I worried that the slingback might make the shoe seem tight, but when I tried them on, I realized that I worried for nothing. 

The slingback was well-fitting, and kept the shoe in place on my heel, which I was glad for. There's nothing worse than stepping out of your shoe! I loved the flexible, comfortable fit of the Kennedy Slingbacks by oka.B, right away. 

As soon as I slipped into the Kennedy in Licorice by oka.B, I was in love!

I noticed that I felt like I could move my toes- they weren't super constricted, which was nice. The shoes flexed and moved with my feet, keeping them cushioned and comfortable with every single step. I knew that these oka.B's would keep me comfy all night long. Our Christmas Eve is always a little crazy- we're so involved in what's happening at our family church service, and then we head to my in-law's to enjoy dinner, and then everyone (except for me and B), heads back to church for the second Christmas Eve service. I directed the little children's choir and had my own solo to sing at the first service, so my feet needed to be super comfy. I made the mistake of wearing boots last Christmas Eve, and was definitely sorry for it. 

I loved the way my oka.B flats looked with my dress for Christmas Eve.

Surprisingly, a lot of people noticed my shoes, and asked about them. When we dined with family that same evening, I showed them how awesomely flexible and super adorable the oka.B slingbacks really are. My grandfather-in-law was impressed by their flexibility! I have a bad knee, and often worry how the shoes that I wear will affect my knee. I had no discomfort whatsoever in my oka.B's, which I was so pleased about, because that meant that they would be perfect for my upcoming vacation! Their light weight, and flexibility make them packable, and perfect to slip on at any time!

I loved wearing my oka.B's on Christmas Eve!

oka.B's are casual, yet elegant. I wore them on Boxing Day, for a casual get together with family and friends, and will probably wear them on New Year's Eve, as well. They look great with a skirt or dress, casual pants, or jeans! My best friend is getting married in the fall of 2015, and I would love to gift her a white pair of flats for her wedding day! oka.B's are perfect for your day to day fashion, special occasions, great for travel, for moms on the go, or for the student, or career gal!

Check out a few of oka.B's styles that I would love to add to my closet...








I know that I am going to enjoy my oka.B Kennedy Slingbacks this winter. I can even wear them into the spring season, though I have a feeling that I will be wanting more colors and styles. I love sandals during the late spring and summer time, so I'll look forward to seeing what oka.B introduces this spring, and hopefully, I'll be able to share some of their new styles with you all!

If you are on your feet for an extended period of time during the day or night, or have a special event coming up, I highly recommend oka.B sandals and flats. They will keep your feet comfortable all day long- you might not want to take them off!

Want them? Buy them!

Head on over to oka.B to browse their entire collection of flats and sandals. Many styles are currently on sale, from last season, so be sure to take advantage of being able to purchase some of the sandal styles for $25.00! You can shop by style, or color (32 colors to choose from!), or by price. oka.B's keep their prices super affordable, so you can build on your collection! Remember- oka.B's are proudly designed and made in the USA!

You can connect with oka.B on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, and sign up for the oka.B newsletter to stay in touch.

Special thanks to our friends at oka.B for allowing me to review and share about their wonderful shoes this holiday season! I can't wait to see what the new year will hold!

Stay stylish,


  1. Those shoes are so cute! And they look so comfortable!

    1. They really are, Bo! I definitely want to add more styles and colors to my shoe collection! Love these!


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