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I've recently heard of the benefits of essential oil and have become increasingly more interested in their healing properties. One thing that has kept me from trying the oils is that many of them have to be mixed into a carrier oil. While I'm sure that it is not hard to mix the different oils, I have been a little nervous to try. I wanted a way to ease into essential oils without having to put it on my skin. BlissAbsolute is just what I was looking for.

BlissAbsolute, Wellness with Essential Oils! 

BlissAbsolute was created from owner, Inna's love of essential oils. The benefits of essential oil are great but many people can't wear the oil on their skin and look for a way that they, too can benefit from the oils. The best way to enjoy all of the different aromatherapy scents is by wearing the oils in jewelry. Inna designs and makes beautiful aromatherapy jewelry, and she allowed me to choose a piece from her gorgeous collection.

Pom-Poms, Oil, and Locket. I can't wait to open this all up!

I had a hard time deciding what locket I wanted to review because they are all so beautiful. After several hours of back and forth, I finally decided on the Antique Brass Aromatherapy Locket on a 24 inch chain. Included with each piece of jewelry is a small vial of essential oil. I couldn't wait for the locket to arrive.

Sweet Orange Oil and My Stunning Locket from BlissAbsolute. 

When my locket arrived, I quickly opened the package and was in  awe of just how beautiful the brass locket really is. The locket is round with a filigree design and hinge on one side and a clasp on the other side to open and close the locket. The locket comes with several small pom poms that are used to soak up the essential oil and is housed inside the locket.

I love this Locket, reminds me of something 
you would find at an antiques dealer. 

 I added a few drops of the orange essential oil, and easily added the pom-pom to my locket. I asked for a 24 inch chain because I have a larger neck, and wanted the locket to sit lower on my body. The chain is a bit long for most of my shirts, but I was able to make the chain shorter and it is the perfect length.  The locket is a little larger than a quarter and hangs lightly on the chain and after a long day of wearing the Aromatherapy Antique Brass Locket, it never pulled or felt heavy on my neck.

Wearing the Antique Brass Aromatherapy Locket 
out to dinner with my husband. 

My favorite part of the locket is the aromatherapy. The sweet and light scent of the orange oil in the locket boosts my mood in seconds. When I start to feel down, I dab a little oil on a pom-pom, pop it in the locket and head on my way. Within minutes I can tell the orange oil is working and making a difference. I can't wait to try out different oils. I've been looking into different oils to boost fertility, and being able to add different oils onto one pom-pom and wear it all day, is something that I am grateful to have.

Decided to wear my Aromatherapy Locket to Church, 
I got several compliments

With the holidays around the corner, I am looking forward to showing off my locket at different parties. I am planning on taking the chain off and adding different colors of ribbon to wear during December. I know this might sound strange, but the locket looks almost like a decorative ornament, and by adding a ribbon to it, it makes me feel festive. Plus being able to add different essential oils this time of year keeps me happy and healthy.

24in Brass Chain 

I've worn my Antique Brass Locket From BlissAbsolute almost everyday since it arrived. I enjoy wearing it and love telling inquisitive strangers and friends about the beauty the locket holds. I am in awe at how well crafted and intricate the locket is. From it's tiny scroll work to the lock and hinge, no detail was spared, and I can't believe that the Antique Brass Aromatherapy Locket is only $19.95. You can't find a better price for wellness.

Look at that gorgeous design on the Locket. 

I've told so many people about Inna's lockets, my Mother in Law loved them so much, she already made a new Pinterest board and pinned them. She has several friends that she wants to buy them for, and I know several people that would love to own one as well. These make the perfect gift to hold on to and give to friends throughout the year, as a get well gift, a birthday present, a gift for the new Mom, or just because. What ever reason you decide, you will not  be disappointed, I know I'm not!

Inna not only carries Aromatherapy Lockets, she also has rings and earrings. Take a look at just a few of her wonderful creations:

Want It? Buy It!

Are you interested in buying a Locket from BlissAbsolute, checkout Inna's Etsy Shop to search for your perfect match. If you are interested in learning more about clinical grade essential oils, Inna would love to tell you all about them.  You can also save 10% on all orders on Cyber Monday.

Want It! Win It!
One lucky MBP reader is going to win an Antique Brass Aromatherapy Locket of their very own. Use the easy RFC entry form below. Giveaway is open to US Residents 18 and older

I want to offer a huge Thank you to Inna, Owner of BlissAbsolute for allowing me to review her absolutely stunning Aromatherapy Lockets and for giving away one to our readers.

Good Luck 


  1. I would LOVE to win this locket! I started using lavender oil to help me with anxiety last year, and it has been a great help. This would be perfect to carry my oils with me all day. :)

  2. I agree, Ella, that would be a fantastic way to always have your oils near!

  3. I would <3 to win this as a gift for my mother she loves stuff like this!

  4. obviously giving it to someone else if i win! :D

  5. I'm a huge fan of essential oils and lockets-what better combo than an aromatherapy locket!

  6. I would definitely keep it for myself!

  7. I just started using essential oils and I love lockets which makes it a perfect combo!

  8. The locket is so pretty just by itself but the fact that it holds essential oils is a huge plus!

  9. I would keep it for myself :)

  10. I love the aromatherapy jewelry, I had never heard to it before today. I would the locket or rind

  11. I would like to give to my Mom for Christmas

  12. I'd love to give myself a gift this holiday season!

  13. I've never had a piece of essential oil jewelry before, I'd love to try it out!

  14. I would keep it-I love essential oils!

  15. I'd definitely keep it-I just love it!

  16. I would hope to keep it. Although I would let my daughter or friends borrow it if they like :)


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