Pack More into Your Purse & Keep it Organized with a PAK #Review

We have been doing a lot of holiday shopping, which means that I have been lugging my purse all over the place. I usually enjoy shopping, but lately, my purse has been making it much less enjoyable. I wind up having to carry not only my own belongings, but my husband and son's, as well. My purse winds up incredibly weighed down, and I wind up with a sore shoulder and back by the end of our shopping trip.

PAK makes it easy to keep all of your necessities in one place, and pack them along with you! As professional women, Nicol and Marlinda realized how many things they needed to have on-hand when mishaps struck throughout the day. And, they realized we've all shared the frustration of trying to find something in our bags—especially when we change them throughout the day. From that discussion, these two wonderful ladies created PAK, a wallet for all your purse essentials. PAK stand for Personal Accessories Kit, and it's a neat gift item for the holidays!

I am forever losing track of the essential items I need to keep with me at all times, and was really interested in taking an up close look at a PAK. I connected with Marlinda, and she kindly sent a PAK my way.

The PAK Original comes packaged in a clear box, ready for gifting!

I received the PAK in black, though it is also available in green. The PAK comes in three sizes- Original, which holds up to 30 items, the Mini, and the Micro. Each size holds the perfect amount of essentials you may want to pack along with you in your purse.

The PAK Original looked to be about the size of a check book wallet, except deeper. When I opened it up, boy was I surprised by all of the goodies inside!

Check out all of the little essentials that came with my PAK Original!

There was a tiny pocket, holding a small comb. I can't tell you how many times I have needed a brush or comb and didn't have one on me!

The PAK also included a tiny toothbrush and toothpaste! Perfect for those late days, or for travel!

The PAK also included two little tins, which are perfect for holding mints, or pain reliever, which I don't go anywhere without!

The PAK Original is filled with tons of items that are completely great to have on hand when you're out and about, and may not think to pack with you. Not only does the PAK include these items, but it has lots of little pockets and compartments to keep the items organized and in place, so they're not rolling around loose.

Here are a few of the included items, laid out:
Hand Sanitizer
Body Mist
Breath spray
Tide to Go Stain removal stick

Also included- tiny scissors and nail clippers.

These little pockets hold the tiny product tubes in place, inside of the PAK. Genius!

And that's not all!

The PAK also includes a place to hold your lipstick or lip gloss. PAK includes a mirror, a nail file, and emergency band-aids, polish removal cloths, and wipe on deodorant! These are all items that  have wished I had with me on more than one occasion!

I love the little packs of polish remover and deodorant!

Plus, there's even more in the pack pocket!

Hand wipes, and tissues are also included!

I still can't believe that the gals at PAK were creative enough to think of this. On behalf of women everywhere, thank you Nicol and Marlinda! This is a huge answer to a lot of our out and about worries and woes! Never again do we have to be out, caught without the items we need. And don't worry- there is also room for your personal items in the PAK, they're just not included.

Check out this compact size! 

The PAK also contains two grommets, and includes a small chain, so if you want to use the PAK as your purse, go right ahead! This is probably the most clever and most useful product I have ever received, that was just for me and not to be shared with hubby or the boy. I love that I can pick up my PAK, and just place the whole PAK in a different bag, instead of having to grab about 20 individual, bulky items and transfer them on an almost daily basis (hey- I love to change my handbags). The PAK saves time, and honestly saves money. The products included in the PAK can be refilled/replaced/reordered directly from PAK. PAK also saves my back. My purse usually becomes incredibly heavy with all of those products being toted around, so PAK keeps the weight to a minimum, and keeps my back and shoulder comfortable.

Take a closer look at the PAK...

Be mess-free, stress-free everyday.
Finding what you need in your bag can be 
half the battle. PAK makes sure you have it­ — 
and you can find it — in any bag.
Original PAK is $50.00
Mini PAK is $40.00
Micro PAK is $30.00

Want It? Buy It!

PAK in original, micro or mini, would make a great gift for the gal on the go! It can go from home to school, work, the gym, on business or family trips, etc. I think this would be an especially awesome gift for the woman who travels often, or a college student. Head on over to PAK to learn more about the gals behind the product, and to check out the different PAK purchasing options. You can connect with PAK on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Special thanks to Marlinda and Nicol at PAK, for allowing me to experience the ease of using their awesome product, and for allowing me to share about it!

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