Our New Family Tradition: Reindeer Dust- #BookReview

I love our family's holiday traditions. Every year we make sure to watch our favorite Christmas movies, bake cookies, and drive around our neighborhood to look at all of the beautifully decorated houses. This year, we have added a new tradition; reading the story Reindeer Dust and then making a batch of our own so that we can be sure Santa and his reindeer are able to find us. 

Reindeer Dust, written by Kate Dwyer and illustrated by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff, tells the exciting story of how the reindeer dust tradition first began; with a young boy named William creating reindeer dust to help Santa and his reindeer find their way through the fog and ultimately saving Christmas by doing so.

William Fast At Work Making Reindeer Dust

This story will have readers of all ages mesmerized with its mellifluous text and downright darling illustrations. Our family loves the sing-songy feel of the story and we think the artwork is simply amazing. We were also very happy to find a recipe so that we could make our own reindeer dust, with a poem included, at the back of the book. 
If you are looking for a gift that will be treasured for years to come, I highly recommend buying a copy of Reindeer Dust!

The Text Flows Perfectly in a Sing-Songy Way and the Illustrations Capture the Story in a Magical Manner! Photo Courtesy of the Reindeer Dust Facebook Page

Want It? Buy It! 

You can get your own copy of Reindeer Dust at Barnes and NobleAmazon, or Etsy. You can learn more about Reindeer Dust  on their WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter

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