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New Dry Spray Antiperspirants Keep You Feeling Fresh! #TRYDRY

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Have you ever had an embarrassing mishap with your deodorant? I sure have! Just a couple of weeks ago, I was pulling on a black dress that I needed to wear to a Christmas function, and I got the back of the skirt portion stuck under one of my arms, as I tried to wiggle into the dress. Of course, I didn't realize that I had white residue all over the back of my black dress, until I had already left the house. Thankfully, a sweet lady pulled me aside to discreetly let me know about my little problem, and I was able to clean most of it off with water in the restroom. Talk about feeling mortified!  I vowed that I would never let that mishap happen again.

My hubby has found himself in his own embarrassing situations regarding his deodorants. He works in home remodeling by day, and is a musician by night. He usually showers in the evenings, after coming home from a long day of sweating and working super hard on old homes. He has said in the past that he hasn't been able to find a deodorant that dries well, and that keeps him fresh and dry through the evening, and through the next day.

Degree Men, and AXE Dry Spray- plus, hubby picked up a surprise for me- the Degree Women's Dry Spray!

Hubby was definitely in for a little treat, when we were sent a pack of not one, but two Dry Sprays! We received the AXE White Label Dray Spray, and the Degree Men Dry Spray. Neither one of us had ever had any previous experience using a dry spray deodorant before, but we were both intrigued, and couldn't wait to see how these two measured up. Hubby has been a long time fan of a gel stick deodorant, but was ready and willing to try something new.

Hubby first tried the Degree for Men Dry Spray. At first, he said it felt kind of strange to be spraying his deodorant onto his body, but once he got used to it, it was pretty awesome. Hubby loved the ease of application- just aim, and spray. You do, of course, have to hold the spray bottle a good bit of distance away (6 inches or so), but hubby felt that he was able to spray it on evenly, and that he had a fair amount of control doing so. He loved the scent, and said that he still felt and smelled fresh the next morning. The Dry Spray never felt wet on his skin! The Degree Dry Spray even got him through a full day of work, and through the next evening, without the stinkies! The Dry Sprays boast that they last up to 48 hours, and we put them to the test, and were pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

A couple of days later, hubby tried the AXE White Label Dry Spray. I have to admit, I was nervous that the scent might be overpowering, but I was surprised that I actually really liked the scent of the AXE Dry Spray. Hubby liked it too, but determined that the scent was a bit too strong for work, so he's reserving it for weekends and date nights. He loved that it was easy to spray on, felt that he had the same amount of control as he did with the Degree Dry Spray, and loved that he felt fresh and clean for the following 48 hours.

Hubby's experience with these new Dry Sprays has been so positive, that I really wanted to try one of the women's dry sprays for myself! I can't wait to share my thoughts on the ladies spray! I think they'll definitely come in handy for me when I start to stress sweat, when getting dressed, or when on vacation or at the beach (when we sometimes don't shower until the end of the day).

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Want them? Get them!

Ready to Ditch the Ick? The NEW Dry Spray Antiperspirants from Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care and Axe, available at Walmart. Head on over to Walmart to watch a quick video, and reserve your very own sample to try it out for yourself!

What are your most embarrassing deodorant moments? Ready to try Dry Sprays and make those moments a thing of the past?

Disclosure: The above featured content is a sponsored post on behalf of Global Influence Network, written by me. Compensation was received for sharing this information, and my honest opinions.

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