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My Mighty Warrior Wears Warrior Poet #Review

This time of year, I often have a hard time finding unique, well fitting clothes for my son, which also happen to be well made. Right now, B is in between sizes, which is making it pretty difficult to locate tops and bottoms that will fit him well with a little wiggle and growth room. B is also at an age now, where he has something to say about what he wears. I can lay out his clothing for the week, but he often picks and chooses which clothing sets he wants to wear, on certain days of the week. He's all boy, and already, he wants to look 'cool.'

Not long ago, I came across Warrior Poet Clothier, a truly amazing line of boys clothing. Warrior Poet was founded by Tori Young, who is the father of two young boys, Tori recognizes that at the core of every young man, there is a desire to save the day, and love to the fullest. The Warrior Poet Clothier crusade is, 'Building Armor with a Flare for the next generation of men.' In other words- go farther, dream bigger, and look good while doing it.

My little guy loves everything 'hero' related, and in our family, we are partial to the types of heroes who fought for what they believed in, long ago- think knights, etc. Warrior Poet is right up our alley, and we couldn't wait to try out one of their awesome shirts. B is always telling me how he's my strong, mighty protector... melts his mommy's heart every time!

I was able to select an item of clothing by Warrior Poet Clothier, and though I loved every design I laid eyes on, there was one shirt in particular that stood out, begging to be worn by my own little warrior at home.

We received this cool package from Warrior Port, bearing the Warrior Poet seal.

I couldn't wait to see what B's shirt looked like in person. I selected the 'I am Brave' shirt for him, because he has always been a pretty fearless kid, and this past year, has really put on a brave face and overcome some tough challenges, like going to school, singing in front of people at church, playing with doggies, etc.

I love the bold yellow lettering against the burnt orange tee.

The I am Brave T-Shirt is so beautifully designed, and I know it seems strange to say that about a boy's shirt, but it's the truth! I love everything from the shield with the dragon to the font!

A shirt and statement, fit for my little knight!

The t-shirt we received from Warrior Poet is so soft and comfortable. It has a bit of stretch to it, but it's also fitted and stylish. The grey long sleeves are sewn right into the orange t-shirt. I love the layered look of the shirt, and I can't ever seem to get B to wear two shirts at once, so this solves that problem for us.

Love the heather grey against the burnt orange of the t-shirt.

'Be both,' stamped on the back of the t-shirt- Warrior Poet.

B was so excited to see this shirt laid out for him on a recent morning, before school began. He was beaming from ear to ear when he saw the cool new t-shirt laid out with his school clothes, and he grabbed it off of his bed, and ran with it, so he could show it to daddy. My hubby loves this t-shirt. He is all about knights, dragons, chivalry, and wants our son to be raised with many of the same core values upheld by Warrior Poet. He thinks their crusade is really cool, and that more parents should want to instill those values in their sons.

B couldn't wait to get into his cool Warrior Poet shirt!

We went with a size 5 for B. Right now, he is floating between a size 5/6, so I was worried that the fit might be snug, or that the sleeves might be too short, but I was very pleasantly surprised with this tee. Everything about the fit, from the length to the width in the shoulders, was perfect for B, and left him a little bit of growing room, as well.

B, showing off his warrior skills... always practicing!

We had a lot of  'I AM BRAVE' statements being made while taking photos.

B loves his Warrior Poet- I am Brave t-shirt. He has been asking to wear it, just about every other day, since he received it. He wore it to school, and everyone thought it was the coolest shirt, ever! My hubby says he would love a shirt like that, and I am thinking that a father son pair of Warrior Poet t-shirts would be really cool for the two of them!

I know I am forever in good hands, and am well loved and protected, with my little Warrior Poet by my side!

Check out the details of the I am Brave T-Shirt by Warrior Poet

Bravery can only be shown in the face of adversity. When things are tough. When your team loses. When things don't go your way. This cool design comes with a challenge - Be Brave!
Tri-Blend; 50/37/13 Polyester Cotton Rayon
Machine Wash Cold
Tumble Dry Low
Quality Craftsmanship
Sustainable Water-based Inks

Warrior Poet has such a cool collection of apparel for little warriors, and little princesses, too!

Brit Rock

Watch This
Watch This!

I Can


Battle of the Wabash

Rose Pearl
Rose Pearl

Our family not only loves the cool designs, and the quality of the clothing from Warrior Poet, we love the message! We live in a society that tells us we're either lovers for fighters, but the truth is, we can be both- we can show love, and stand firm, fighting for what we believe is right... can can all be warrior poets!

Want it? Buy it!

Any of the above featured pieces from Warrior Poet would make super cool gifts! The prices are totally affordable, so stock up on your favorites for your own little Warrior Poets! Head on over to Warrior Poet to learn more about their crusade, or to browse more designs. You can connect with Warrior Poet on Facebook, Twitter.

Special thanks to Warrior Poet for outfitting my little warrior in this awesome new t-shirt, and for allowing us to share all about it!

Be brave!


  1. That is really neat--I'd love to get one for my son!

    1. I can't wait to get B some more- they are great designs!


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