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Motivation Monday, Choose Joy!

I found this while searching on Pinterest the other day, and thought that it was the perfect fit for this season. 

It's not always about the gifts that come wrapped in a nice bow. Sometimes it's about how you choose to live your life and the gift that Joy can bring to others. 

One small act of kindness can blossom into something bigger. It gives other's a reason to be kind and to share their kindness with others. 

Open the door for a Mom who has her hands full, great someone at work who is having a rough day, make an extra lunch and leave it in the fridge at work with a note that says " please enjoy if you forgot yours!",  Just one small and simple step may make a huge difference to someone else. 

When you are starting to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or cranky from all you have to do this Holiday Season, remember to choose Joy! 

Happy Holidays! 

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  1. That's really nice--I should print it and hang it on my wall!


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