Monday Motivation- Rediscover Your Purpose!

A couple of weeks ago I was working hard, trying my best to multi-task, but it just wasn't working. I couldn't focus myself, the girls were driving me up the wall, and I was having a moment where I just wanted everything to stop. I had multiple tabs open on my computer, but it felt like multiple tabs were open in my mind too! I happened to be clicking through the notes I left on my computer and what I saw completely stopped me in my tracks and brought me to tears:

Now, I cannot tell you exactly where I saw that message originally, but something in me told me to copy it down and I am so glad I did. This message was for me that day, but today it is for YOU! Use it to motivate yourself to keep pushing, to remind yourself that you are so much more than the hectic schedules and chaotic moments, but most of all use it to reconnect with God and your purpose! 

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week! Merry Christmas! 

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