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Light Up Your Holiday with Light Stax #Review + #Giveaway

Do your kids like to build? Ever since my son was a tiny little guy, he has enjoyed building and stacking- and then destroying. He definitely takes after his dad, and loves building everything from towers to complicated designs. Must be a boy thing. We have a lot of building toys and blocks at our house, and after a while, they all sort of seem to look the same to me, even though they are obviously different. I began looking for ways to beat the boredom this holiday season (I know it will be a long winter) and what better way to do that than to rediscover an old favorite toy, with a unique new spin on it?

When I discovered that there was a set of building blocks that light up to showcase your creations, I had to find out more about them! Light Stax is a new award winning toy startup that launched in 2014 in Europe and the USA.

Light Stax are beautifully illuminated construction blocks that use LED technology, but are still 100% compatible with existing traditional building blocks.  Using their own patented system, each Stax will magically light up as it is connected to a power base or any lit Stax.  No special connectors or wires are needed.  Just stack them and they light up!

I was fortunate to connect with the fine folks at Light Stax this season, and they sent us an awesome assortment of different Light Stax sets!

Wow! A Mega Assortment of Light Stax Sets to play with and enjoy!

I knew that my husband, my son, and our Cousin C would go crazy over the Light Stax! They all love to build and construct, but these aren't your ordinary building blocks. Light Stax are really unique, because they come with a building base. When the blocks are connected to the base, they light up, and have four different light modes available!

The smaller sets are great for those just starting out, or to add on as expansion packs.

This 102 piece Mega Pack comes with a large base, and multiple blocks for optimum building! 

The 36 piece class pack from Light Stax is great for a younger builder, like B, who likes to build, but doesn't need to have to keep up with 100+ pieces.

Let's take a look at a pack of Light Stax to see how they work!

This is what you see when you open up a package of Light Stax.

This is a basic 12 piece starter pack from Light Stax.

The 12 piece Starter Pack includes:

1 Base
12 Light Up Blocks
1 USB Cable

Check out the actual Light Stax blocks- they light each other up through their connections, when connected to the base.

This is the base that comes with the 12 piece starter set, which looks pretty plain and simple.

When I press the button on the front, bearing the Light Stax name, it lights up.

When I add one red block to the base, it lights up red. So cool!

Look what happens when I add a few more blocks to the stack!

And finally, check out this fully lighted tower!

I hate to say it, but this awesome set of Light Up Building Blocks by light Stax seriously trumps your average building set. You can create all kinds of designs with Light Stax sets, and light up your creations! Light Stax offers four light modes for your displays:
Always On
15 Minutes Auto Off

Personally, I love the auto off feature, because this means that we can light up a creation and leave it on when B is going to sleep- he loves the way it lights up his room at night! It usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes for him to fall asleep, so by the time he's asleep, the auto off does its thing, and I don't have to manually turn it off. No wasted batteries this way- thank you!

Check out this awesome Light Stax Demo Video!

There are so many awesome things to build with Light Stax! Build and display your favorite designs, and then build something new! These are great for kids, teens and adults! This is sure to be a favorite holiday gift, as Light Stax is an award-winning product! It's truly unlike anything we've ever played with before!


Features of Light Stax

Light up building blocks
Boosts creativity and imagination
Black base generates power
Endless designs
Bricks light up when connected to the base
Creative night light
Aids cognitive development
Solid, flashing or fading light settings
Powered by USB cable or 4 x AAA batteries
Blocks measure approx. 3cm x 3cm x 2cm


We love Light Stax, and I absolutely recommend these if you're looking for a fun, unique gift that will knock the recipient's socks off!

Want them? Buy them!

Head on over to Light Stax to learn more about these awesome Light Up Blocks! You can connect with Light Stax on Facebook, You can purchase Light Stax here.

Want them? Win them!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own set of the Light Stax 36 Piece Classic Blocks Set! Awesome, right!? I can't wait to hear who you'd want to give these to, and what you'd build with them! This giveaway is opent to US residents, only- 18+, no PO Boxes, please. Just use the handy RC giveaway entry form below to enter for your chance to win these awesome light up building blocks!

Good luck & Happy holdiays!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Special thanks to Light Stax and The Lazy Dog Co. for allowing us to try and share about their amazing light up blocks, and for offering this excellent giveaway for our readers!


  1. I love that they can build something and use it as a night light. Great product.

  2. Seems like a cool product that can encourage imagination and be entertaining and fun for various ages.

  3. id give it to my niece and nephew.. but i live too far away to build with them

  4. These are neat, I've never seen these before. Looks like fun!

  5. I would give these to my nephew. I'd build the scattered tower like the one pictured here.

  6. My boy will love these he has a tote full of building blocks

  7. I love anything that lights up or glows in the dark...so I'm pretty sure these would be a lot of fun.

  8. I'd give these to my friend's daughter who likes building toys a lot...she'd probably build a bridge.

  9. I would give these to my nephew. I'd like to build the scattered tower like the one pictured here.

  10. Beth - anonymous It would be so much fun to play with these in the dark

  11. I'd give these to my nephew. I'd build the scattered tower like the one pictured here.

  12. Gloria

    I have never seen anything like these before. Wow.

  13. These are neat! I'd give it to my nephew. I'd build the scattered tower like the one pictured here.

  14. I think they look really fun, and add something different to normal building blocks. Thanks for the giveaway! DamianMom at yahoo dot com

  15. Light Stax seems like so much fun! I love the flower in the video!

  16. I would give these to my niece and we would build a lighthouse!

  17. These look really neat! My son loves anything that glows...he'd have a blast!

  18. I'd give this to my son, and we'd build a big tower or bridge!

  19. My kids would love these as they could play with them in the dark. I like how they have different light settings.

  20. I would give these to my son the Master Builder lol..he would flip out as he LOVES lights as much as blocks. He would get such a kick out of building sky rises that glow like the NYC Skyline.

  21. Twila I love how these blocks will add so much to kids block play

  22. I'd give these to my nephew. I would build the scattered tower like the one pictured here.

  23. This looks like so muc fun, I want to play with them!

  24. Give it away? Nope, I am keeping it. I would build a castle.

  25. There is just so much that can be done with these blocks.


  26. I think this is awesome! I love how they light up!

  27. Roy

    I think these are something the kids will really love

  28. My grandchildren would love these blocks they love anything that lights up

  29. Evelyn - anonymous comment

    I love how bright they are.

  30. These look so fun! We love building blocks

  31. I would give it to my granddaughter. Twila


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