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Kiss the Mess of Cords Goodbye and Say Hello to The Any Device Charging Dock from Hammacher Schlemmer #Review

There are a few guys in my family who are incredibly hard to shop for when it comes time to give gifts. I love these guys, and want to give gifts that they will appreciate and actually use. I seriously dislike wasting money on items that never even make their way out of the packaging. All of the guys in my life own multiple devices- from their tablets to cell phones, blue tooth accessories, MP3 players, and more! I dislike seeing a bunch of charging cords hanging loose all over the place, and what better way to show them I care, than to gift them the ultimate charging station for their devices?

I recently reconnected with a favorite company of mine, Hammacher Schlemmer. Hammacher Schlemmer offers truly unique gift items, home decor, electronis and more, that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. When I say these gifts are unique, I mean they're really unique, not to mention awesome!

The kind folks at Hammacher Schlemmer sent me a super cool holiday gift item- The Any Device Charging Dock!

I was so excited for the opportunity to see this charging dock for myself, because I was thinking about purchasing a dock for my husband, my dad, and possibly my bro-in-law. They all have huge cord messes everywhere- my dad's night table is a nightmare, and my hubby has cords all over the place, next to our bed, with his devices strewn across the floor all the time!

Tons of cords? No problem! The Any Device Charging Dock is the perfect solution!

Here's the amazing thing- this charging station is compatible with over 2,500 devices! Holy cow! I have never met a charging station that can match up with that many devices! The everything charging dock comes with a base, and five tips! 

Compatible with all devices that use USB connector. Compatible with devices that use 30 pin or Lightning connector.
All iPhone models
All iPad models
All iPod models
All Android devices

Awesome, right? Yes! So, you basically choose the tips you need for charging your devices, and insert those into the tip spaces. There are photos and instructions on the back of the packaging, which I always find helpful, as I am a visual person, and hate having to read through pages upon pages of instructions!

These five charging tips will allow you to kiss your cords goodbye!

The tips are for use with Android and Apple devices, and it means that you can plug your device directly into the dock without using the charging cords! This is so ideal for use at home, at the office, or when you're traveling. Forget having to tote along five different charging cords- just bring along the everything charging dock, and you're good to go! Power up!

More info about the Any Device Charging Dock...

The dock has five adapters including 30-pin and Lightning adapters for charging any generation iPhone, iPad, or iPod, two micro USB adapters (for Android, Samsung, Motorola, and more), and mini USB adapters for GPS devices and older cell phones. The unit charges up to four devices simultaneously—three that dock directly to the top of the unit and a fourth that plugs into the USB port on the side of the unit—eliminating the need for multiple unsightly cords and reducing desktop clutter. The 2.1-amp USB port is optimized to charge iPads, other tablets, and e-readers quickly. The device requires less desktop space than a tablet computer.

I really love the idea of being able to store this on a night table, or to use on a desk at work. Far too often, we're wishing we could recharge our devices at the office, but it's too much of a pain because we have to bring along our chargers. Not anymore! The everything charging dock eliminates that heachache for good!

I am so impressed by this universal charging dock, that I am definitely planning on gifting one of these to all of the guys on my list this Christmas! I can't wait to see their faces when they open them up!

Want One? Buy One!

Head on over to Hammacher Schlemmer to browse their amazing online catalog of incredible gifts! You can shop by category, by price, read customer reviews, and more! Connect with Hammacher Schlemmer on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and check out the Hammacher Schlemmer blog for more great gift ideas!

Special thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer for allowing me to review and share about this wonderful holiday gift pick!

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