Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Eating with Deco-Plate {Review and Giveaway}

Adam and I have always used our glass dinner plates for meals, while the kids used smaller plastic plates. Now that B is older and S is getting there, the small plates don't always hold their meals as well. I have been hesitant to give them glass plates since part of their daily chores are setting and clearing the table and I know something will be dropped at some point. I knew something super durable but bigger than what I was using was becoming necessary.

Deco-Plate is a newer company that is based out of Illinois. They are the world's first company to launch a line of decorative dinnerware with custom images that are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe and also formaldehyde free. After years of research and development in digital printing and thermoset resin industries, Deco-Plate uses state of the art digital imaging with a revolutionary plastic resin to create their awesome dinnerware. All of the components used in the manufacturing process are made in the US, as is the final product decoration, and has been approved for food contact by the US FDA.

Many plastic plates, including some that I have used in the past, contain melamine, which can be a potential health hazard. I will admit that years ago I was not as concerned, but now take more time to look into what my kids are eating off of. I can completely appreciate that Deco-Plate offers such a innovative product that is also safe.

I was given the chance to select one item from Deco-Plate to review for our Holiday Gift Guide. Their website is really bright and even if you just happened to come across it, would be drawn in to look at what they have. I chose first to go to their Holiday/Seasonal section to see what fun I could find. I love this guy:
This would be perfect for Christmas Eve, Santa's Cookies
The website also features sections of Kids, Impressionist Paintings, Food, Floral, Sayings, Felittle People, Personalized, and other Assorted Designs. I had a super hard time deciding which one would be perfect, so I sent Dara a wish list and let her decide which one. Here are my four favorite options:
My Deco-Plate package is here!
Clearly labeled with logo and bright colors
As usual my little helper S was there to open up our surprise
She always asks if it is something for her, she was pleased to hear that this package was something we all could use and share.
We found 2 information sheets on the top and something wrapped all in brown paper underneath
The top two information sheets were about the Deco-Plate dinnerware and caring for the dinnerware
Deco-Plates are:
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe (up to 320 degrees for 45 minutes or less)
  • BPA free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • FDA approved for food contact
  • Manufactured and decorated in the US using only US manufactured materials
  • Break Resistant
Deco-Plates should:
  • Be handled like any quality dinnerware
  • Not have harsh or abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or plastic/metal scouring pads used
  • If needed, soaked in high quality pre-soak dishwashing detergent
  • Not have chlorine bleach or chlorine based detergents used
Now, I was only thinking I would get one surprise, but was thrilled to see two items
S likes to slowly open the wrapping to be more surprised
"Is this a plate?"
"This is a silly one!"
The first plate we found was the Nibble plate.
I love this plate. It is so simple and to the point. The background color is a light brown with slight design to it. The word nibble is written simply across the center in bold, black lettering. The kids thought this plate was super silly. This plate is perfect for S who really does nibble on her food, she is the only person I know who can take 30 minutes to eat one baby carrot. The plate is very smooth and durable, I don't have to worry about small hands dropping and breaking this one. It measures 10" in diameter and retails for $19.95.
Our second surprise
The Ways to My Heart plate
I thought this plate would be perfect for B. He loves food these days and pretty much will try anything we ask him to. As a growing boy I know the buying, making, and being food will become more and more true for him. It measures 10" in diameter and retails for $19.95.
Both of these plates are really fun and unique. I love using them at dinner for the kids. The size is great for food not to touch on S's plate and offering B a little more on his. They also make great appetizer platters, we used them at our small Thanksgiving get together and they were just the right size for sliced cheeses and meats. They are sturdy, high quality products that really stand out against other "plastic" plates on the market.
I have not used them in the oven, but have used them in the microwave to warm up dinner and also in the dishwasher. They seem to be completely the same as before they went in.
The Deco-Plates make for great dinnerware at every meal. They are high quality, durable, and most importantly safe. These plates and also platters would make for a great gift for a birthday, wedding shower, hostess gift, or even the Holidays.
Want It? Buy It!
Need an awesome last minute holiday gift? Deco-Plate is still offering next day shipping. All of their products are formaldehyde free, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe too. You can follow Deco-Plate at all of their social media outlets-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Want It? Win It!
 One lucky reader will win a coupon code to use towards a purchase on Deco-Plate. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.
Click 'Read More' to go to the giveaway.

Thanks to Deco-Plate for our two new plates and also for offering a giveaway!


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  2. Roy

    The "ways to my life" plate is funnier

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