Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Some Sweet Bites with See's Candies {Review}

If you walk up and down the aisles in the stores right now, you will find all kinds of different sweet treats. My personal favorite is chocolate, YUM! I love to browse all of the holiday options and see what I can find to give as teacher gifts or stick in stockings for Christmas morning.
I was so excited when I saw that MBP would have the opportunity to work with a company that specializes in all things candy and goodness. Ondria and Britt have both worked with this company before, and the treats all looked and sounded delicious. I did not have to be jealous that they were snacking on yummy goodies and I was missing out. Here are their reviews-Ondria and Britt.
See's Candies, was founded in California in 1921, when Charles See arrived in LA from Canada, to try his hand in the confection business. With his mother Mary as his inspiration for image and her  delicious recipes, and the additional help of his wife, the three opened their first See's Candies shop. See's Candies made it through the Great Depression with their high quality of products and expanded to more shops as the years went on. In the 70's, the family sold the company to Berkshire Hathaway Inc who was dedicated to keeping the old fashioned values of homemade quality and friendly service, that they strived to offer.
With over 200 shops across the US and an online store, and still headquartered in California, See's Candies continues to be dedicated to making candy using only the finest, freshest ingredients in every piece of candy they make. Today, they have over 100 different candies and chocolates available to their customers.
I was given the fun task of choosing around $40 worth of See's Candies to try and review for our Holiday Gift Guide. $40 worth of yummy, delicious goodies, I was so excited. After browsing the online store, I was almost overwhelmed with all of my options. From Milk to Dark to White chocolates, Nuts & Chews, Brittles & Toffees, Fudge, Truffles, Lollipops, Candy Bars, Custom Mixes, and even a Sugar-Free and Kosher section. I was loving what I seeing and getting hungry just looking at all the candies. I finally made all of my selections and sent them off to wait patiently to chow down on some specialty treats from See's Candies.
Our See's Candies package is here! The box is huge!
My chocolate loving helper S
She was just as excited to see what was inside
We first came to the wrapping, cushioned and kept cold with packing peanuts and ice packs
Lots of ice packs!
Now on to the goodies we picked, all individually wrapped in plastic bags.
Aren't you jealous of all of these candies??
The first item I selected was the Assorted Candy Bars
With 4 individual 1.5 ounce bars, there are 2 milk chocolate, 1 dark chocolate with almonds, and 1 milk chocolate with toffee nuggets. These are the perfect size for a quick snack, or as I ended up using them, a final touch for a teacher gift. All four of my kids teachers and assistants are chocolate fans, so this pack made perfect sense. The pack retails for $7.20, which is a great price for four bars of high quality chocolates that come in a great little package tied with a bow.
Next was Mint Krispys
With around 30 individually wrapped bite size squares of mint and chocolate, these are hard to beat.
 They are super thin and full of cool mint crunchiness, I really liked them. These are great for a quick pick me up or to serve as an after dinner treat for any Holiday guests.  
The box retails for $9 and could last you a few days or weeks, depending on your self control.
Last was my favorite thing, the Custom Assorted Box, all of my very own choosing.
 This 1 pound box of goodness comes nicely wrapped in white paper and sealed with a gold sticker.
On the front was a picture of Mary, that lady who inspired it all
S was so ready to get this guy opened.
 Look at all that happiness
Inside our 1 pound box we selected:
Milk Bordeaux   
Creamy brown sugar soft center covered in milk chocolate and decorated with chocolate rice
Dark Chocolate Chip Truffle   
Rich, creamy truffle center of semi-sweet chocolate and chocolate chips covered in rich dark chocolate. Decorated with dark chocolate lace.
Creamy soft center with chocolate liquor and pecans covered in smooth milk chocolate.
 Peanut Butter Pattie   
Smooth, old fashioned peanut butter with powdered sugar covered in milk chocolate.
Creamy soft center with walnuts, cherries and vanilla covered in smooth milk chocolate.
 Dark Cocoanut   
Creamy soft center with angel flake coconut covered in rich dark chocolate.
 Yes please!
 My favorite from the custom box was the Dark Cocoanut. I love Mounds and Almond Joy and these were a great match for them. S was a fan of pretty much every piece in the box, I'm not sure she dislikes any chocolate. I loved seeing her reaction as she bit into different ones, some she was more hesitant about and others she just gobbled up. She is truly a girl after my own heart. We also shared them with family over Thanksgiving and they were all well received. I have to say that for $22.50, these high quality chocolates were amazing.
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 Want It? Buy It!
You can shop online or visit your local See's Candies store. After looking them up near me, there are 3 stores that are fairly local I will need to try out sometime soon.You can follow See's Candies on their social media outlets--Facebook and Pinterest.

Thanks to See's Candies for some delicious treats!


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