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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Let Your Hair Shine with Luna Star Naturals {Review}

S's hair is finally to the point that we can style it to her liking, but it took 5 years to get there. She loves hair bows, barrettes, pony and pig tails, and most recently we discovered braids! She is also very determined in life to be three things, a cheerleader, a mommy, and a baby doctor. We have told her those are very great aspirations, and we hope she accomplishes all of them someday. Those things said, her newest favorite hairstyle is "cheerleader hair", which is a ponytail as high as we can get it, with a big bow to top it off. I guess we are practicing now for later.
I was so excited to get an email about trying out some products that have been, up until now, specially reserved for cheerleaders. Luna Star Naturals has just released the line, called Cheer Chics, to the public from retailers like Ulta, Learning Express, and Sweet & Sassy stores.
Luna Star Naturals, founded in 2012, had the ultimate goal of creating fun, healthy, personal care products for kids and teens. All of Luna Star Natural's products are made in the USA and using wholesome ingredients like sunflower seed oil and vitamins A and E and contain no parabens or other harmful materials. The Cheer Chics line of hair and body products are no different and are focused on girls with tons of spirit!
We were asked to choose three products from what Luna Star Naturals had available. These were all of our options:
Awesome All Star Detangler and Leave-In Conditioner • 10.5 oz. • $11.99
Need to knock out those knots and tackle the tangles? Spray this detangler for a first-place
finish with soft, shiny hair. Smells like cotton candy according to one Ulta website write-in!
Bring It On Body Lotion • 5 oz. • $9.99
Luxurious lotion makes skin shine as you show it off in competition or walking around mall.
Lotion is also available in an adorable stocking-stuffer 2 oz. tube for $5.
Cheers 2 U Shampoo • 8.25 oz. • $10.99
Shampoo moisturizes and helps defend hair against sun and heat damage. That's how to wow
the crowd! Also comes in a 32 oz. liter for $30.
Cheers 2 U Conditioner • 8.5 oz. • $11.99
This strawberry cream fragrance will put pep in your step. Gets hair smooth and sleek as it
tackles tangles and provides mega moisture. It's available in a 32 oz. liter for $35.
Hip Hip Hooray Hairspray • 8.5 oz. • $11.99
Hooray 'cause your hairdo will stay! This firm-hold spray gives shine, protects hair from the
elements and defends against fly-aways. The tropical fragrance will boost the spirits while
calming any performance nerves.
Pom Pom Hair Pudding • 8.25 oz • $13.99
This medium-hold styling cream gives shine, definition and tames fly-aways. Keeps hair in
place whether scrunched in a ponytail or worn long and flowing.
We've Got Sparkle Hair and Body Glitter • 5.2 oz • $9.99
Glitter is the new glam. Show your spirit on the outside in these 7 colors -- Red, Blue, Pink,
Gold, Purple, Lime Green and Silver.
Our Luna Star Naturals package is here!  
 S was so excited to see what was in the big box
Packing peanuts to keep everything safe during shipping, a huge plus to protect the goods.
Inside we found our three requested items: Awesome All-Star Detangler and Leave-In Conditioner , Pom Pom Hair Pudding, and We've Got Sparkle Hair and Body Glitter.
The first product we received is the Awesome All Star Detangler and Leave In Conditioner. This 10.5 oz container is absolutely adorable. I love the star shape and the bright purple color, what girl would not love this? It also retails for $11.99, making it very affordable, especially for the amount in the container.
S's hair can be a bird's nest, especially in the morning. We have been using the Awesome All Star Detangler and Leave In Conditioner after her showers and it has made a huge difference. The bottle is easy to use, just a few quick sprays, and a run through with the comb and we are done. Not nearly the amount of whining about it hurting or pulling her hair when we have used our Cheer Chics as with other products we have used. All of the Cheer Chics products have a super sweet and fun scent, they are not overpowering or stinky, this one reminds me of cotton candy. S has not complained about using this product AT ALL.
Our second product is the Pom Pom Hair Pudding. This 8.25 oz container is filled full of pink product, with a super fun name. It retails for $13.99 but seems to be able to last a long time.
This product is a styling cream, not only perfect for helping give S's thin hair some definition, but also gives it a bit of shine and helps keep the crazy fly aways in check. It has a sweet, creamy fragrance, again, perfect for young girls and teens. I can see us purchasing this product again when we run out, it really helps us style S's hair just the way she wants it.
Our third product is our absolute favorite of the three we received, We've Got Sparkle Hair and Body Glitter. This 5.2 oz container is so, so much fun and we will be getting more of this product ASAP. It retails for $9.99 and is perfect for dance or gymnastics class and will really come in handy during recitals. We chose silver because I didn't know what to expect, but it also comes in 6 other colors, I think I might go with gold or pink next.
This product is spray glitter for both hair and body. All it takes are a few quick sprays and S's hair is ready to go. I do think it looks better after it has dried for a few minutes too. It was really hard for the camera to pick up the shine and sparkle no matter what angle or light I used, but I promise it really makes the hair look cool.
Overall we are big fans of all three of the Luna Star Naturals products. I like that they are safe and use natural ingredients. S likes that they make her hair shiny and smell sweet. I think all three of these items would make great stocking stuffers for the girls in your life, especially those that cheer, dance, or love to be on stage.
 Want It? Buy It!
 Head over to your local Ulta store and look for Cheer Chics, you will be happy you did! Also visit Luna Star Naturals to see all of the other products they offer. You can follow Luna Star Naturals on their social media outlets--Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Huge thanks to Luna Star Naturals for all of our Cheer Chics products!

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