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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Having Fun with PlaSmart Products {Review}

 We travel quite a bit around the holidays, up to northern Indiana at least once, sometimes to southern Indiana, and all over central Indiana. My kids are all very good travelers and even better thanks to books, coloring, and of course electronics. We also love to play car games, like the License Plate Game, I Spy, My Mother Owns a Grocery Store, and more. We like games that make the kids use their minds while being fun and entertaining.
Luckily, I was contacted about working with a company that specializes in smart, simple toys and games. I was thrilled to look over all of their amazing products and choose one to review for our Holiday Gift Guide. I knew this would help our travels be even more exciting!
PlaSmart Inc. was founded in 2003, with the discovery of a really cool Ride On toy, the Plasma Car. PlaSmart has the philosophy of marketing toys and games that are entertaining, but also help develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, and creative/imaginative play. Their toys are simple, yet smart and have won numerous toy awards, click here to read about them. Based in Ottawa, Canada, they launched in the US in 2005 and International markets in 2006. They now have offices in three different countries, products are available worldwide (over 60 countries on 5 continents), and manufacturing takes place all over the world.
I was given the option to pick from a variety of toys and games for our review, including:
·         Wonky Wheels
·         Gelli Baff
·         Gelli Play
·         Scribble Down
·         Backseat Bingo
·         Threadz Mini kits
·         Threadz Full-size kits
·         Happyville Smart Mat  
·         Squashed
·         Drop Shot
·         DoodleArt
·         Fun Slides
·         Knee Hockey
·         Morphology
·         Hiccups
·         Orbo
·         Digits-in-a-Box
When I was choosing, I was looking for something that would be a good fit for both my 8 year old boy and 5 year old girl. Something that they could both play with, enjoy, and most of all understand without frustration. After looking everything over and narrowing it down, I ultimately decided on what I felt would be the best option for our family. I sent in my order and soon a package was on its way.
Our PlaSmart box is here!
Neatly and safely wrapped inside
Both kids needed to get it on the action
Inside they found the Reeves & Jones Backseat Bingo
Reeves & Jones joined the PlaSmart family in 2009 with products like SplashArt, WaterWorks, Jokes On You, Disguises, Hard Working Tools, and Backseat Bingo.
Backseat Bingo retails for $8.99 through Amazon. It comes with 2 Bingo cards, perfect for my two older kids to each have their own board. Each board has 25 slide windows filled with things you will see while driving in the car. It is geared for ages 6+.
Some of the attractions or items on the board include work zones, fire hydrants, barns, semi truck, exit signs, gas stations, and more. I really appreciate that this game takes in to account both in town and interstate driving to make it a fair game all around. The windows are easy to slide back and forth for multiple games and everyone can be a winner. There are also bonus family games on the back of each bingo board. My kids have loved having this activity in the car, especially for all the time we have been in the car already. The Backseat Bingo is completely affordable, I wish we actually had more boards so the whole family could play along.
Want It? Buy It!
Finish up your holiday shopping with PlaSmart. In North America, you can find PlaSmart products in major toy retailers (Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Toys R Us), Trade Shows, and Independent/Specialty Toy Stores. You can follow PlaSmart at all of their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

 Thanks to Giselle and PlaSmart for our fun Backseat Bingo!

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