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Snack Healthy This Holiday

Tis the season to stuff your faces, yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. (Sing that to the tune of Deck The Halls) Seriously though during the fall/winter holiday season we tend to snack and eat more and eat more often. Most people do it, and its not something to be ashamed of! We are busy shopping so we grab what we can, we're stressed so we eat more, and its cold so we want hearty meals to fill us up. Not to mention the cookies and sweets that are given as gifts and brought into your office and such. It feels almost impossible to not pack on a few pounds during these times. Don't worry though, I have the answer to your holiday grab and go snacking problem!

Crispy Green! These fancy little freeze-dried fruit snacks are exactly what the holiday snacker needs! 

Crispy Green is an awesome health food company that provides snackers with an awesome, healthy, on the go option that doesn't require any prep, any mess, or any time. Perfect for holiday shopping, replacements for that Christmas cookie when you want something sweet, and really just a great option for everyone any time! 

I was lucky enough to receive a pack of each fruit flavor Crispy Green to try!

Apple was my favorite! They were sweet, and crunchy and so delicious!
I wasn't a fan of the Asian Pear but my students were. It had a very light flavor that maybe they could taste a little more than I could. After trying one and splitting a few slices up to let everyone try them, one of my students, who's mom says he's picky, actually ate the rest of the bag! 
Asian Pear out of the bag.

Banana was my second favorite. They tasted like a banana with the consistency of astronaut ice cream. What a great combo! Each slice was crunchy and sweet but not overly sweet like really ripe bananas can get. 
Ok Im going to be honest,  the cantaloup was interesting... it wasn't bad but it was difficult to eat more than one.

Cantaloup out of the bag. My friend Marcy really enjoyed it. 
The Mango was a big hit in my classroom.
Mango out of the bag.
Pineapple is my favorite fruit so I was really excited to try this one. However, without the juiciness of fresh pineapple I wasn't overly fond of the taste. It was almost sweeter than I could handle.
Pineapple out of the bag. My students really liked this one too. 
The oranges were another big hit in my class. 
The oranges out of the bag. 
I made sure to share my Crispy Green with adults and kids so I could get a variety of responses. At least one of my students liked each bag, not all of them liked every kind though. Most women though they were tasty, they were just a little off put by the consistency at first. I found the more you ate, the better they tasted. I let my husband, my dad, and an adult male friends try the Crispy Greens and none of them were thrilled. My dad and husband liked the apple and the banana and the friend liked the apples, the bananas, and the cantaloup but that was about all I could get out of them. Im going to chalk it up to the fact that them men in my life are totally turned off by anything that is good for them. 

 Each pack of Crispy Green fruit is packed full of all the fruit flavor and nutrients of fresh fruit. Because they are freeze-dried there are no chemical additives and no preservatives, just fruit! Each pack of Crispy Greens is also gluten free, allergy-free, fat free, cholesterol free, Non-GMO project verified, kosher certified, and only 55 calories or less per serving. 

Want it? Buy it!
All in all I think Crispy Green has a great product going and that the fruit packs are an awesome snack during these busy holiday months, and any time! They are great for kids and adults a like so get some today!!! 

Special thanks to Crispy Green and Cherie for sponsoring this awesome review. Happy snacking! 

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