Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts


Are there folks in your life who are hard to shop for around Christmas and special occasions? If you're looking for awesome gifts for families, a teen who just got their driver's license, spends a lot of time on the road, is a thrill-seeker, or loves to take the party on the road, here are a few creative ideas.

Gifts for the Teen Driver

Teen drivers tend to have deep love for their cars, and want them to look cool at all times! Consider gifting items like monogrammed seat covers or floor mats, personalized vanity plates, steering wheel covers, unique car chargers for phones, etc. Steer away from gifts that could cause teens to become distracted while driving.

Gifts for the Sophisticated Car Enthusiast

Looking for a great gift for the more refined recipient? Driving caps and gloves never go out of style, and are appropriate for year round driving. A shift knob upgrade can be a thrill for someone who loves to have their hand on the gear shift. A membership to a local Driver's Club would be a unique gift for someone who loves to mingle and converse with other drivers. Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is a wonderful option for any driver. Drivers who enjoy stopping to enjoy the sites while on a 'Sunday drive,' would love to keep a gorgeous Penddleton Motor Robe in their car for impromptu picnics. Travel wine baskets, totes and cheese boards are wonderful gifts for couples who love to enjoy long drives, and picnics.

Gifts for the Traveler

If you're looking to surprise someone who spends a lot of time in their car- for work or pleasure, consider gifting unique and useful items. Travelers by car could benefit from car organizers, passenger seat work stations, heated seat massagers, sheepskin seat belt covers, USB power hub charger, water bottle humidifier, a GPS system, Satellite Radio subscription. Think of items that might make the driver or passenger's time spent in the car more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Gifts for the Off Road Warrior

Shopping for an off roading adventurist? Put together an off-road gift pack that includes the following items: mini fire extinguisher, flashlight, pocket knife, bungee cords, visor clips, and roll bar grab handles. Roof racks or cross bars are a great idea for those who like to tote items like hiking and camping gear or bicycles along for the ride. Put together a car cleaning kit for those who like to go off-roading and get their vehicles dirty. Want to allow your off-roader to capture all of their adventures on camera? A Go-Pro Camera is the way to go!

Gifts for the Tailgater

If you're shopping for someone who likes to take the party out of the house, tailgating gifts are the way to go! A portable propane grill will make it easy for them to cook up some great food for family and friends, no matter where their tailgating takes them! Lighted BBQ tools are great for those who tailgate after dark. Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth speakers will allow for light music or party jams. Pack up travel tables and chairs are perfect for those who love to tailgate and entertain.

Gifts for Families

Families spend a lot of time in the car- from daily drop offs and pick ups, to family vacations. Helpful organizers and accessories can make a family's time spent in the car much more of an enjoyment, rather than a headache. Gift items like antibacterial wipes, car trash holders, air fresheners organizers, extra AA or AAA batteries, pens and scratch pads, visor clips for sunglasses, and such for mom and dad. For the kids, items like snack and play trays, back seat organizers and snack holders, portable DVD players, travel games and toys, or activity books are great options!

Most people spend a lot of time in their cars. With a few thoughtful gifts or accessories, their travel time will become much more enjoyable!


  1. That picnic basket is gorgeous! I'd love one for my car.

  2. Me too! It's a goal of mine to have a nice picnic set!


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