Thursday, December 25, 2014

Gardener's Supply Bamboo Habitat Collection Holiday #Giveaway (5 Winners!)

The fall season has been cold and wet, and it looks like winter won't be much different. I love the fall and winter seasons, but after so many grey days, I definitely look forward to spring. I love being outside, and puttering in the garden- it's one of my very favorite things to do. This spring and summer, I am planning on working hard to turn certain areas of our yard into special habitat areas for some fluttering friends!

My friends at Gardener's Supply Co. sent over some truly beautiful habitat houses for me to enjoy, and share about. I received a set of three houses, all made of bamboo: butterfly house, bee house, and bird house.

The three habitat houses from Gardener's Supply arrived packaged like this. Each box let me know that the product inside was fragile, and needed to be handled with great care.

I couldn't wait to see these pretty habitat houses! I love bird houses, and have never really seen a bee or butterfly house up close before, I was also intrigued by the construction- I couldn't wait to see the bamboo habitats.

The bird house habitat was gorgeous- finely constructed, and tear-shaped.

I loved the woven/zig-zag pattern around the habitat.

I was impressed by how sturdy the habitat houses were. The bird house wasn't super heavy, but it wasn't light either, which let me know right away, that it would be safe to hang outside. The habitat houses each have a hanging ring attached to the top, for easy placement.

The coolest of the three house in my opinion, was the bee house!

The bee habitat was so cool looking! It had a bunch of wooden tubes inside of it, for the bees to go into. I can't wait to hang this in our yard. We have sort of had a problem with boring bees, or carpenter bees, drilling into our wooden furniture, and our fence. My hope is that they will be attracted to this habitat, and stay out of my other belongings. We definitely need the bees around, and I am happy to give them a home of their own!

The Butterfly Habitat is so delicate and sweet!

I love the little slits in the butterfly habitat. They are wide enough for the butterflies to enter, and there is also a tiny door in the back that you can open up, so they can fly out the other side.

I can't wait to see how beautiful these will look in my yard, along with my bird feeders, bird bath, butterfly feeder, etc. I am looking forward to springtime, already!

Details of the Bamboo Habitat Collection, Set of 3

New & Exclusive | Welcome Birds, Bees and Butterflies with Bamboo Shelters
Create a haven for songbirds, butterflies and mason bees
Bamboo shelters are natural landscape accents
Attractive design combined with functionality and convenience
Set includes one each birdhouse, butterfly house and mason bee house
Woven from natural bamboo, these teardrop-shaped shelters shed water while providing good ventilation. The birdhouse has a 1-1/4" entrance hole for common backyard birds like nuthatches, titmice and finches, and there's a clean-out door on the back. The butterfly shelter provides a safe spot for butterflies to roost, with narrow slots that keep predators out. A door on the back provides access so you can place bark or twigs inside for butterflies to perch on as they roost or take shelter from rain and wind. ​The mason bee house provides a happy home for these peaceful, non-stinging bees that can boost your garden's productivity by pollinating flowers. Each mason bee visits as many as 1000 blooms per day — 20 times as many as a honeybee! All three shelters have built-in hanging loops.

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Want them? Win them!

Not one, but FIVE lucky readers will win a set of 3 Bamboo Habitat Houses from Gardener's Supply! Wow- what a  great holiday giveaway! We can't wait to hear where you'd put these around your home! This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at Gardener's Supply for allowing me to experience this beautiful set, and for offering this awesome giveaway for our readers!

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!