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My husband has always been drawn to dragons, so it comes as no surprise to us, that our son also loves dragons. They're pretty fascinating, and frighteningly beautiful creatures. A lot of dragon themed toys can be sort of scary looking, especially to a four year old, but thankfully, Playmobil has a brand new collection of creative play toys- Dragons!


Playmobil has been delighting children and families since 1974, when it was created by Hans Beck. Playmobil has become a classic toy brand over the years, and is well loved by children, parents, and teachers. Playmobil allows and encourages children to experience fun and learning through role playing, and playing with different themes, from vehicles and hotels to knights and castles!

Playmobil has a new collection of Dragon themed toys, and we were excited to be sent a 'surprise' set to review and enjoy. I wasn't sure which Playmobil Dragons set we would receive, and couldn't wait to see which  set we were sent!

I opened the shippping box to find this exciting set!

The flip side of the Playmobil box box showed all of the 42 pieces included with this Dragons set!

The pieces on the colorful Playmobil Dragons set box looked like they were going to be a blast to play with! I couldn't wait for B to see this set, and to see his reaction. We had actually just played with some Playmobil demo sets at a local specialty toy store, just days before we received this set, and it was really B's first experience with Playmobil. There were so many cool sets (an entire back wall of the store, filled with Playmobile sets), and B asked if we could add a few items to his Christmas list!

If you can't tell by the look on this happy boy's face, B was incredibly delighted to find this special Dragons set from Playmobil!

We couldn't wait to tear into the box! The box actually had easy open, perforated areas, which we were able to punch through, and pull back through the tab. It made it super easy for me to get the box open, no scissors required!

We pulled the contents out of the box. There was the base of the ship, and a smaller box, which contained small packages of dudes and accessories, and addtional pieces for the ship.

The ship's base is a pretty red color, with a black 'floor,' and had lots of spaces for other items to be pushed and snapped into.

This ship is way cool! I want to ride on a real one!

Here are all of the pieces included with the Playmobil Dragons Set, laid out- ship, mast, sail, and accessories.

The four plastic packages included the dudes, instructions, stickers, and play accessories.

B was incredibly excited to play with this awesome dragon ship, and couldn't wait for his daddy to help put it all together.

The instructions were very well laid out, and easy to follow. 

I'm not so great at following directions, when it comes to putting toys together, but luckily, Playmobil made it super easy for me to push and snap the pieces into place. The directions even instructed me to listen for the 'click'! Plus, there were photo directions, which I always find helpful.

While B and daddy placed the pieces onto the ship, I decided to check out the play figures that came with the Dragons set. Check out this awesome dragon!

B and I really think the dragon is super neat! We love the colors, and love that his wings are removeable, and can be turned!

The Playmobil Dragons set also came with two Samurai dudes, and tons of accessories, like:
...and there are holders for swords on the dudes, too!

One the ship was all put together, B couldn't wait to start playing!

The dragon ship has a really cool sail, which looks like the wing of a dragon. It also has a dragon's head at the front of the ship, flags, a wheel, cannons that shoot soft spears from both sides of the ship, and more!

This dragon ship is ready to set sail!

B had fun making the dudes battle the dragon aboard the ship...

...and later, the dragon escaped, and the dudes fired their spears at the dragon, trying to knock it off of the mountain!

This Dragons Set from Playmobil is a winner!

This is a completely new toy to B, and his very first set from Playmobil. He absolutely loves the dragon ship and thinks the dudes are pretty cool. We love their interchangeable accessories, which just snap on, and pull off. The dudes can easily hold items in their hands, like swords and shields, a torch, etc. B has been playing with his Playmobil Dragons set since we opened it up, and I don't expect he'll be taking any breaks from playing with it, anytime soon. His other Christmas presents have got some serious competition, here!

Dragon Battle Ship
Details of the Dragon Battle Ship by Playmobil

Protect from invaders with the Dragon Battle Ship. This floating boat comes equipped with two figures, blue battle dragon, functioning cannon, dragon masthead, wing-shaped sail, and other accessories. Dimensions: 16.5 x 8.7 x 13.8 in (LxWxH).
Can be upgraded with (7350) Underwater Motor (sold separately).

Playmobile toys make perfect gifts for children, and with themes like Dragons, Country, Knights, Dinos, Dollhouse, Fairies, and City Life, the play possibilities are endless!

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Playmobil toys and sets are a great gift choice this holiday season, and it's not too late to pick one up! I cannot wait to build up B's Playmobil collection. He is already looking at some of the other sets, and getting really excited about the play possibilities!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Playmobil, to learn more about their wonderful company and products. You can shop for Playmobil toys online, and they are also available at retailers like Toys R Us, on Amazon, and at specialty toy stores. Join the Playmobil Collector's Club online, and subscribe to the Playmobil newsletter to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Playmobil! You can also connect with Playmobil on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Special thanks to Playmobil for allowing us to review and share about the awesome Dragons Battle Ship! We can't wait to share more Playmobil updates in the future!

Have fun, and happy holidays!


  1. Wow, this looks like lots of fun! I know my son would really like something like this!

  2. this looks fun! i love the dragon that comes with it!

  3. That looks like a ton of fun! I love all of the other sets too, like the Country Alpine Lodge!

    1. I love the other sets as well- fun for me to play with, as much as they are for my son to play with!


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