Five Gift Ideas for the Car Lover

Many people have at least one person in their family that is hard to buy gifts for. One of the best ways to narrow down what you might want to purchase for the holidays, a birthday or special occasion, is to list the person's interests. Does the person like sports? Are they a crafter? Music Lover? A lot of men in particular rally love their cars, and love receiving gifts either for their cars, or for car maintenance. 

If you have a car loving friend, family member or co-worker in your life, here are a few simple gift ideas they might enjoy:

Car Vac
It may seem like a silly gift, but people who truly love their cars, love to keep them clean- inside and out. Gifting a car vac (either a wet/dry vac for deep cleaning), or a mini hand vac is a great idea! Most car enthusiasts like being able to keep a small vac on hand for those unexpected messes. They;re really wonderful for the driver to have if they travel with children or pets on a regular basis.

Auto Cleaning Supplies
You pass them in the stores all the time, but never think much of them- auto cleaning supplies. Most auto and big box stores have at least one to two aisles devoted to cleaning supplies for cars. Create your own gift basket of gift pack and include items like wipes for the dash and console, leather protector, tire shine, turtle wax, microfiber cleaning cloths, windshield cleaner, and air freshener. If putting together a gift basket seems like too much trouble, consider a gift card to a local car wash.

Window Decals
Tasteful decals can allow the car owner to show off a bit of their personality. Find a removable and repositionable window decal that represents the car owner's interests, like their favorite sports team, a hobby, their Alma mater, etc. You could even create a personalized decal or monogram for their window. Just remember- the larger the decal, the bigger the possibility of distraction is. Keeping the decal small is best.

Travel Mug
For someone who is on the go, and in their car a lot, having the right travel mug can make a big difference. An insulated mug with a lid is a great idea. It will help keep the beverage warm, and keep the liquid from sloshing when the car stops and starts.

Windshield Cover

Winter Weather Kit
No one likes having to deal with winter weather when it comes to cars, but having the right gear can make it much easier for the driver to get up and go when they need to. To keep frost and snow at bay, consider a windshield cover, especially if the car is parked outside overnight or for a long period of time during the day. The cover can easily be folded up and stored in the vehicle, so the driver has it when they need it. De-Icer and a good scraper with a brush also makes a great gift! Throw in a nice pair of warm gloves (perhaps a pair of touch screen gloves for the tech lover) and you have a great set of little gifts that makes an even better gift when combined.

These gifts will be much appreciated by the car lover in your life, and make things easier on them as they travel to and fro.

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