Fitness Friday: #Yoga for Stress Relief

Is the stress of the holiday season taking a toll on you? I haven't felt super stressed out about Christmas until recently. Just a few days ago, it really started sinking in that Christmas is a week and a few days away, and I'm still not ready for it! I am trying to take some time each day, just for myself. I normally practice pilates 3-4 days a week, and on top of that, I am trying to add in at least 10 minutes of yoga, every day.

Why yoga? I love the way practicing yoga makes me feel. I never thought that I would the type of person to enjoy something like yoga, but I love the benefits. I follow short videos, really just to get some good stretching in. Since I began my daily yoga practice, I have noticed weight loss, increased flexibility, focus, and I'm learning to breathe away the things that place stress on my day.

If you're ready to let that stress that comes along with the holiday season melt away, take a look at this quick video and add a little daily yoga to your routine.

Hope you take the time to care for yourself this busy season!


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